Banger Games Private Round on SuperLauncher! (17th Dec, 2PM UTC)

  1. You will purchase with BUSD on BSC
  2. Your Polygon Address is the SAME as your BSC Address. No input required
  3. You are given the option to input a different Polygon address if you desire
  4. Make sure your Polygon Address is NOT an exchange address.
  5. Once the OTC Marketplace goes live on Polygon, you will be able to claim your Banger Game Certificates and trade them freely

Why Should I Invest In Banger Games?

Sale Details

What is Banger Games?



Banger Games SDK

Smart Tournaments

Bangergames Wallet

Banger Games Rewards

Team, Partners, Investors

CEO , Co-Founder— Nicholas Gonzales Keller
CEO, Co-Founder — Borja Vollalobos

COO--Miguel Escribano
CTO — Kenan Duman
CGO — Leutrim Mustafa
CMO — Adrian Barra



Tokenomics Overview

Token Distribution

Supply Breakdown

Token Utility

  • Smart Tournament creation, entry, and rewards
  • Rank System Rewards
  • User Transfers
  • Stabletoken Swaps
  • Minting NFTs
  • Blockchain Collectibles (NFTs)
  • NFT Marketplace Interactions
  • Sponsorship and Media Rights
  • Match-making rewards
  • Publisher Jackpots
  • Challenge creation and competition
  • Proof of Stake (POS)
  • Objective Systems
  • User Acquisition Compensation
  • Api Rental Fees
  • Connecting and sharing P2P cloud resources and networks
  • Player Tokenisation
  • Crowd Funding
  • Gaming Equipment

Project Roadmap

Token Sale Roadmap

Project Roadmap

About Banger Games

About SuperLauncher



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