Benefits of Staking LAUNCH

Dear Birdies,

Since going live with our Governance Staking Module 24 hours ago, more than 1.8M LAUNCH holdings have been staked, representing 45% of the circulating supply! Here’s a recap on the benefits of staking LAUNCH.

Staking automatically enrolls birdies into IDO whitelists, enables IDO subscription, gives them Voting Rights and allows them to earn precious Super Eggs which can be used in SuperLauncher V2, slated for release in July 2021.

1 - Birdies must stake LAUNCH to be part of IDO Whitelists

  • When birdies stake LAUNCH, they get svLAUNCH (1:1).

2 - Birdies must stake LAUNCH to subscribe to IDOs

  • svLAUNCH must be detected in wallets at the time of IDO subscription.

3 - Birdies must stake LAUNCH to have Proposal and Voting Rights

  • Governance and Auto-Listing are up next on the technology roadmap, which would take us one step closer to decentralization and drive activity in the Aviary.

4 - Birdies must stake LAUNCH if they want to earn Super Egg

  • The Governance Staking Module currently releases 200 Super Egg daily, shared among all staker birdies.

We hope you birdies enjoyed this post and appreciate the utility behind staking, and how it contributes to the overall ecosystem. If you have not staked your LAUNCH yet, fly along and stake now to earn Super Egg! Thank you for your relentless support in the Aviary and we will continue to release more updates as we roll out new features and soar towards SuperLauncher V2 and Cardano!

Yours Truly, Your Birdies

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