Benefits of Staking LAUNCH

1 - Birdies must stake LAUNCH to be part of IDO Whitelists

  • When birdies stake LAUNCH, they get svLAUNCH (1:1).
  • From now on, there will be no more whitelist forms to fill.
  • Birdies who have more than 100 svLAUNCH at the time of snapshot would automatically be whitelisted for IDOs.
  • A snapshot of svLAUNCH holders will be taken 72 hours before the sale and the allocations per tier would be released here.
  • By staking LAUNCH, the birdies have explicitly expressed their interest in participating in future IDOs, and should not have to go through the traditional whitelisting hassle.

2 - Birdies must stake LAUNCH to subscribe to IDOs

  • svLAUNCH must be detected in wallets at the time of IDO subscription.
  • If birdies hold enough svLAUNCH for their respective tiers, they can subscribe to the IDO. You may read more about the tier system here.
  • Failing to have svLAUNCH in the wallet, or not having enough svLAUNCH to meet the tier requirement means the birdie will not be able to participate in the IDO.

3 - Birdies must stake LAUNCH to have Proposal and Voting Rights

  • Governance and Auto-Listing are up next on the technology roadmap, which would take us one step closer to decentralization and drive activity in the Aviary.
  • If birdies hold svLAUNCH, they are given proposer or voting rights.
  • If you are a birdie who likes to take the lead and make any proposals for the benefit of the SuperLauncher protocol, you must hold a minimum 50,000 svLAUNCH.
  • If you are a birdie who prefers participating and would like to vote on protocol matters, you may hold any number of svLAUNCH. Every svLAUNCH counts as 1 vote.
  • For the auto-listing module, only voting rights apply as the projects will apply directly to the SuperLauncher website, and the community can vote after going through an AMA with them.

4 - Birdies must stake LAUNCH if they want to earn Super Egg

  • The Governance Staking Module currently releases 200 Super Egg daily, shared among all staker birdies.
  • Daily Super Egg Earnt = (Your Amount Staked / Total Amount Staked) * 200
  • Super Egg is already tradeable in PCS, but is illiquid. We will be releasing a liquidity mining scheme to boost the liquidity of Super Egg, leading up to the launch of SuperLauncher V2.
  • In SuperLauncher V2, Super Egg will be precious, as it can be used for additional allocations, priority fills, temporary and permanent skill upgrades.

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