Buffer Finance IDO on SuperLauncher! (20th September, 2 PM UTC)

SuperLauncher is thrilled to announce that we will be hosting the final leg of the Buffer Finance Multi-Pad IDO on 20th Sep 2021, 2PM UTC! Having closed their seed round from strategic investors earlier in the month, Buffer Finance will be raising $350,000 on SuperLauncher as part of its public sale before listing on PancakeSwap.

What is Buffer Finance?

Buffer Finance is the first non-custodial, on-chain peer-to-pool gamified options trading protocol for BNB. It works just like an Automated Market Maker (eg: PancakeSwap) where traders can create, buy and settle options against a liquidity pool without the need of a counterparty (option writer).

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Why You Should Invest in Buffer Finance

“Buffer Finance is a long-term hold, as it potentially presents a once in a life-time opportunity to get early exposure to a crypto derivatives platform at the start of the Super Cycle. Unlike traditional financial markets, the crypto derivatives market is still a fraction of spot, and will inevitably experience hyper-growth during this market cycle, as instituitional and more sophisticated money flows in to the space- significantly impacting valuations of all derivatives platforms. The Buffer Finance team is well placed to ride this trend and deliver a multitude of innovative products which include DeFI options and insurance.”

  1. Macro-trends are in favour of crypto derivatives products. The options market is set to grow at a breakneck pace as institutional adoption unfolds.
  2. Nimble, and technically gifted founders who have a proven ability to bootstrap product and growth. Expansion plans include Polygon, Avalanche, and Cardano.
  3. Attractive listing market cap of ~$352,000, with well-planned token locks and 6 to 12-month cliffs for Team, Treasury, Advisors, and Partnerships.

IDO Information

Date/Time: 20th Sep, 2 PM UTC
HardCap: $350,000
Tokens for Sale: 7,000,000 $iBFR
Private Round: 14:00–14:30 UTC
Public Round: 14:30–15:00 UTC

Snapshot: 19th Sep, 2 PM UTC
Geo-Restrictions: United States

IDO Price: $0.05
Vesting Schedule: 30% TGE, 15 days cooldown, then 8.75% weekly thereafter
Funding: BNB

Listing Information

Date/Time: 20th Sep, 4 PM UTC
Venue: PCS
Price: $0.075
Listing Market Cap: $352,000
Cir. Supply: 4.7% (TGE)
Initial Liquidity: $100,005 in BNB paired with 1,333,400 iBFR

Ticker: $iBFR
Contract: TBA

Allocation and Claim Information

Tiers: https://docs.superlauncher.io/tiers

Strategic/Armada Allocation: Fixed — 2.8 BNB (Total ~ 700 BNB)
Strategic/Armada Chance of Fill~ 86%

Rocket Allocation: Fixed — 0.15 BNB (Total ~150 BNB)
Rocket Chance of Fill~ 52%

*Tokens are claimable at at 4:45PM UTC*

Management Team

Buffer’s team has varied experience, ranging from solidity development, marketing, options trading, UI/UX design to building highly scalable backend systems. Feynman (Co-founder) looks after business development, marketing, and product growth, and Heisenberg (tech Co-founder) looks after product development and manages the tech team.

Token Overview and Use Cases

  1. Revenue share — Stake $iBFR to receive a constant stream of passive income

2. Liquidity mining — Earn yield by staking $iBFR LP pair tokens

3. Deflation — Milestone based buybacks and manual burns

4. Governance — Post Q1 2022 roadmap all feature releases will be governed by $iBFR token holders

5. Discount — Hold $iBFR tokens and get a discount over the settlement fee required to place a bid in the BNB price prediction game.

Token Model and Release Schedule

Project Roadmap

Q1 2021
Market research
Idea conceptualisation
Team building and hiring

Q2 2021
Airdrop campaign
Phase-1 Rewards
LeaderBoard announcement
Customize options Tetsnet release

Q3 2021
Prediction market tesnet release
Token Launch — (Seed sale and IDO)
CMC and Coingecko
listing Mainnet
Launch $iBFR Staking

Q4 2021
Multichain expansion starting with Avalanch and Polygon
$iBFR burn & buyback plan release
WETH and WBTC options release
Option cards
Prediction NFTs

Q1 2022
Multi cryptocurrency and token options
On-chain Stock options
CEX listing
Options Strategy Builder
Continous DAO setup
Governance Setup

About Buffer Finance

Buffer is a non-custodial on-chain peer-to-pool options trading protocol that works just like an Automated Market Maker (eg: PancakeSwap) where traders can create, buy, and settle options against a liquidity pool without the need of a counterparty (option writer). Buffer makes options trading accessible to everyone and much more efficient than its centralized counterpart.

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About SuperLauncher

SuperLauncher is a cross-chain launchpad that gives investors access to quality projects in a safe, trusted, and decentralized manner and empowers projects to raise capital with best-in-class features. SuperLauncher helps projects conduct token sales, automated listings, liquidity locks, and hosts farms on Binance Smart Chain.

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