Buffer Finance OTC Sale on SuperLauncher V3!

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2 min readDec 5, 2022

SuperLauncher is thrilled to announce that we are hosting an OTC sale for Buffer Finance, one of our earlier portfolio project. This marks our 1st native sale on another chain. Arbitrum here we come 💙,🧡

1. Sale Date & Time:
💙 Start: 16 DEC, 2PM UTC

2. Contribution limits:
💙 Min. $100 USDC
🧡 Max. $25000 USDC

3. BFR Sale Price:
💙 $0.16

4. There will be NO token gate for this sale, so anyone can participate on a FCFS basis. However, LAUNCH stakers will be eligible for REBATES on their purchased amount:
💙 5000–9999 svLAUNCH will receive a 1% rebate
🧡 10000 svLAUNCH and above will receive a 2% rebate

5. Distribution of tokens:
💙 40% — esBFR (365 days linear vesting) &
🧡 60% — BFR (180 days cliff, 360 days linear vesting)

6. Buffer Finance Tokenomics


Tradable certificates (SuperCerts) will be available for BFR and can be traded on our OTC Marketplace. esBFR can be staked on buffer.finance for revenue share.

What is Buffer Finance?

Buffer Finance is a non-custodial, exotic options trading platform built to trade short-term price volatility and hedge risk of high-leverage positions. They recently migrated to Arbitrum and have rolled out multiple products and features, hitting all-time highs in revenues and user adoption. Their newly implemented rewards mechanism has attracted the interest of DEFI speculators and key opinion leaders alike.

One of the strongest performers in the bear market, Buffer is looking to expand its operations to continue to BUIDL.

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