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3 min readAug 8, 2022

Hi Birdies,

In our last article, we spoke about our Multi-EVM strategy and unveiled a new DAO Role — Blockchain Leader. This piece will go into slightly more depth about the new architecture of the DAO Roles in SuperLauncher V3 and the compensation structure.

Old Fee Model vs New Fee Model

In SuperLauncher 2.0, whenever we held a sale, we would charge in the following ways:

  • IDOs — Projects pay 5% of the raise in stables
  • Seed/Private Rounds — Users pay 10% of the raise in tokens

In SuperLauncher V3, we will revise this to:

  • Seed/Private/IDOs — Projects pay 10% of the raise in stables

This would allow us to accumulate more cash and transfer the burden of fees from users to projects.

DAO Roles in SuperLauncher 2.0

In SuperLauncher 2.0, we had set up the DAO roles in a way where the fees collected from sales we hosted were distributed in the following way:

*Assuming the fees collected from the sale were $10,000.

Deals Team — 60% ($6,000)
Treasury — 40% ($4,000)

The Deals Team consists of 11 DAO Roles which are involved end to end, from deal sourcing to execution. These roles perform sourcing, vetting, tech, marketing, compliance, operations, and accounting.

However, what we soon realized is that there are multiple overlaps between these roles, and a more streamlined approach was necessary.

DAO Roles in SuperLauncher V3

In SuperLauncher V3, we will collapse multiple DAO Roles, and establish distinct areas that will share the revenue from sales. We will introduce referrals to aid with user acquisition and governance to control protocol critical parameters.

1. Blockchain Leaders: All roles that were previously VB, IC, PA and Compliance will be collapsed into a single role called Blockchain Leader. A Blockchain Leader sources, vets, closes, runs, and manages the deal on a particular blockchain. This role will strike partnerships and drive activity and revenue on their respective chains and are free to build out their own teams to boost visibility of the sale. HQ will provide this role with the necessary support required to execute the sale.

2. Referrals: Once the referral module is active, the user who referred, and was referred will receive part of the fees generated as rebates.

3. Treasury: Treasury will receive part of the fees as rebates for use in Investments, Operations, and Reserves.

4. Governance: 20 parameters can be controlled through governance. Those that participate in governance will receive part of the fees as rebates.

  • Note that the % of fees assigned to each of these four components would be controlled by governance eventually. For starters, initial values will be set upon consultation with Blockchain Leaders and HQ.

Each of these areas will be covered in more detail in future articles. As always, keep your eyes peeled for more updates. If you have any questions, please feel free to hit us up in our telegram channel!

Yours Truly,
Your Birdies

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