Degis Seed Round on SuperLauncher! (TBA)

  1. You will purchase with BUSD on BSC
  2. Your Avalanche C-Chain Address is the SAME as your BSC Address. No input required.
  3. You are given the option to input a different Avalanche C-Chain address if you desire.
  4. Make sure your Avalanche C-Chain Address is NOT an exchange address.
  5. Once the OTC Marketplace goes live on Avalanche, you will be able to claim your Degis Seed Certificates and trade them freely.

Why Should I Invest In Degis?

Sale Details

What is Degis?


How Degis beats traditional protection?

Degis Product Matrix — — Four forms of future protection

Version 1 Products

Treasury box

One-million-dollar giving back plan

Core Team

Tokenomics Overview

Token Utility

Project Roadmap

About Degis

About SuperLauncher



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