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Birdies hosted Dexsport — frontrunners in decentralised betting

Hello Birdies! Welcome to our 8th Edition of the ‘No Fuss AMA’, where the birds leave all the hype aside and focus on fun, casual banter and real exchanges with upcoming projects.

Today we are thrilled to be hosting the Dexsport team ahead of their IDO Round on SuperLauncher on 17 Nov at 2PM UTC. The future of decentralized betting, Dexsport is looking to disrupt this mega-industry in a significant way.

If you have not read up on Dexsport, check out the Sale Details

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Kanary SuperLauncher — Apologies for the technical delay. Hello @jamny. Thanks for taking the time to be here in the Aviary :) Must be a very busy period for you guys.

Jamny Dexsport — Greeting everyone! Had some difficulties with adding my main account here, sorry for inconvenience! Really nice to see all of you here!

Kanary SuperLauncher — No worries :) we expect chaos all the time. So do tell us more about yourself, Dexsport and the team

Jamny Dexsport — Thank you for inviting, much appreciated to speak about Dexsport with your community!

My name is Dmitry Kryshtal and I’m CMO @

As for me, I’m marked as top11 crypto-marketers by

All of our team members are dedicated in various spheres of private and public sectors, such as project management, development, crypto and of course classic betting. We have huge advisors from betting sphere as Eman Pulis — Founder of SiGMA Group, one of the largest conferences in betting sphere. You can find more detailed information about our team on
the website

I’d like to say here that with such team is ours project is charged to success 🙂

Kanary SuperLauncher — Wow awesome credentials! Birdies do go check them out :) Your project is definitely one that has piqued alot of users’ interest. Tell us more about Dexsport. What led to the idea of Dexsport being formed? What are the opportunities that you have identified and what are you trying to solve?

Jamny Dexsport — thank you! More to come with Dexsport :) I’m pretty sure that you all understand that the gambling market, for decades, has been occupied by monopolists who have controlled the odds for various events.

Because of this, many users feeling nervous about getting their wins. There are strict payout measures and identification process that increases entry barrier.

So the idea of Dexsport was born because of these problems, and we surely know that DeFi fixes this.

We built the first ever completely decentralized betting platform where users are playing with a shared pool of liquidity. Our project is the fusion of two large groups — crypto community and people who loves betting. You can check our product live on testnet.

To sum up the advantages: Fast transactions, No KYC, Low fees, Live betting on various events, Single token for economy

Kanary SuperLauncher — I personally tried your product on testnet and I must say it was awesome! A betting platform that for once isn’t controlled by some big corporation 👀 very interesting

Jamny Dexsport — Thank you! We have a genius designer who made the best UI/UX experience for users. So we’re also going to make it much easier with a kind of academy

Kanary SuperLauncher — Well, the birdies thank him/her :) I see that your platform covers a range from sports betting to P2E betting, there is even an NFT marketplace in the cards. Could you tell us more about your target users?

Jamny Dexsport — We’re willing to combine the crypto users + traditional betting users. So we’re ready to teach newcomers “how to crypto” in easy way with fun and sucess from the ods!

Also, as we have eSports and real sports, as football, basketball, tennis etc. We’re going to hook them also into our platform in help of partnerships and direct marketing :) As with NFT — we will create special cards with our sponsored players and give a special offers for owners, more info will come soon :)

Kanary SuperLauncher — Nice. onboarding new crypto users in an easy and fun way is definitely something that is lacking in the space. Speaking of partnerships and marketing, I am sure someone with your credentials knows that marketing is very important in this space and looking at the rush of users who are rushing in to secure allocations, I can see that you have done all the right moves.

Do tell us more about the partners you have on boarded / going to onboard. Heard some interesting stuff about certain exciting partnerships on the cards 👀 Looking forward to hearing more about who those sponsored players are :)

Jamny Dexsport — well beleive me, i’m so curious to tell you the names but we will announce them soon :) feel free to subscribe on our official channel —

Kanary SuperLauncher — Done :) Birdies don’t forget to join their announcement channel. You do not wanna miss out on the upcoming news :) I heard something about DOTA and MMA. Are you able to share some details on that?

Jamny Dexsport — I’ve joined to a team about a week ago, so at the moment we have great backers who joined us on strategic stage and they are helping us to spread the word worldwide. Crypto Viking, one of our backers and partners, is a genius marketer. I’m taking my hat off of his doings, great job was make from his side.

I would like to mention here some of our backers as BSCPad, DextForce (VC of Dextools), BlueMoon. Guys beleive in our project and provide splendid marketing support for us.

About forthcoming partnerships, you mentioned cards — I think you missed a bit and you thought Dota2 :)

In few days we will announce big Dota2 team which we’re sponsoring and making deep and huge partnership, stay tuned!

Also, we added to our roster 2 MMA fighters who will fight under our brand, news coming shortly this week.

And the main focus that we’re going to follow — prepare a tournament for eSports teams who are willing to get to championships and also willing to get sponsorship.

Kanary SuperLauncher — MMA fighters under your brand! Wow that is big. Not to mention Dota2. One of the biggest games in the industry. You guys sure have nailed it with your partnerships and marketing. Congrats :) Moving on to the next question. Do tell us more about the betting mechanics on Dexsport. How are the odds generated for example?

Jamny Dexsport — Thank you! And this is just a beginning :) We are in the betting market for a long time, so for now we have our own in house validator which is collecting and comparing feeds from 5 different sources as Betradar, flashscore, score365 etc. And we are negotiating to add more sources and increase amount to 10+.

Kanary SuperLauncher — It is good to see that you are collecting feeds from multiple sources and increasing the numbers as well. A final question before we open up to the floor. How will you ensure the fairness of the platform? Is there an oracle in place to ensure fair results?

Jamny Dexsport — Actually answer is on a previous question :)

Also I would like to add that we have plans for creating our own blockchain as an oracle — DESUchain, which can be used my newcoiming companies for using ods bots and validate them. So we’re building not only product, also the infrastructure.

$DESU ❤️

Kanary SuperLauncher — Ok great. Thanks for all your answers @jamny. It has been very insightful. We will now open it up to the community. Feel free to answer the questions as they come :)

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Dexsport is an innovative project that changes the way users think about betting. The platform is a DeFi prediction platform that includes: sports betting, play-to-earn games betting, prediction market, P2P prediction on cryptocurrency rates, and NFT marketplace. The Dexsport ecosystem caters to users interested in betting and blockchain enthusiasts and investors interested in putting their money in a common liquidity pool.

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