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3 min readAug 15, 2022


Hi Birdies,

Today we will talk about the modules that we are developing for governance on SuperLauncher V3. We wanted to roll out governance at a much later date, as it is our view that activity levels are not generally high when governance is rolled out too early. However, with the lull, we think that governance could help build inclusiveness.

Participating in Governance

To participate in governance on SuperLauncher V3, one would need Governance Power.

With Governance Power:
Burn LAUNCH and EGGs, or handover LAUNCH/EGG LP to treasury in return for Governance Power. Users with Governance Power will get a share of revenue from each project launched on SuperLauncher. Additionally, they will be able to control a number of protocol critical parameters.

Protocol Critical Parameters

  1. Add Power: Ratio of LAUNCH & EGG to burn to get Governance Points
  2. Time to Live: The time before a proposal goes live
  3. Min Power: Minimum power required to raise a proposal
  4. Max Queue: Number of proposals that can be live at any one time
  5. Voting Duration: Duration of voting window
  6. EGG Collateral: EGGs lock requirement to raise a proposal
  7. Timelock: Duration between vote passing and proposal being executed
  8. Creator Execution Duration: Duration proposer has to execute the proposal
  9. Max Fee %: Maximum fee charged to projects for a successful fundraise
  10. Fee %: Actual fee charged to projects for a successful fundraise
  11. Gov share %: Revenue share from launches for those with Governance Power
  12. Referral %: Revenue share from launches paid to referrers and referees.
  13. Split %: The referral split between referrers and referees
  14. Blockchain Leader %: Revenue share from launches paid to blockchain leaders
  15. Treasury %: Revenue share from launches paid to Treasury
  16. EGG Burn: Whether EGGs should be burnt to register for launches on other EVMs
  17. EGG Burn Factor: No. of EGGs to be burnt to register for launches on other EVMS
  18. Min SVL: Minimum svLAUNCH considered for guaranteed allocation
  19. MAX SvL: Maximum svLAUNCH considered for guaranteed allocation

Expected Benefits of Governance

As evidenced by the parameters, those with Governance Power will not only get a share of revenue from each launch, but also get to vote on a number of parameters which include revenue sharing, voting framework, new launch registration and governance requirements. Those with svLAUNCH and vote actively could receive future airdrops/incentives.

It is expected that governance will bring more active participation from DAO members, and decentralize the protocol even further, with key protocol parameters now in the hands of the DAO members. We will release the governance modules towards the end of H2 2022.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us via Telegram. As always, keep your eyes peeled for our next update.

Yours Truly,
Your Birdies

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