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4 min readAug 2, 2022


Hi Birdies,

We hope you’ve been keeping well! Amidst the market meltdown over the last few months, we’ve heard you chirping and begging for activity. If you remember, we were probably the first launchpad that decided to stop conducting token sales as the market started sliding in Feb 2022. This was largely to steer clear of the long vesting schedules and high blockchain startup valuations that were perpetuated by the 2021 bull market.

We moved into the building mode quickly and stealthily, as we were convinced that it would not make sense for Superlauncher nor its audience to get involved in any token sales while the macro and micro outlook were unfavourable.

If you were wondering why the aviary has been rather quiet lately, you will have your answer. Throughout August, we will be releasing a series of articles that shed light on what we’ve been working on — SuperLauncher v3, the next evolution of the DAO.

At the end of 2021, we announced 3 engines for growth in 2022.

1. First Engine: DAO Roles

We had a great run with the DAO roles we opened up, in a bid to involve capable community members to play a role in sourcing for, vetting, and executing token sales. However, we quickly found that the DAO structure was rather clunky, and too many interdependencies caused frequent indecision and inefficiency from an operational point of view.

In V3, we have re-modeled the scope of DAO roles and their interactions. We are also introducing more automation to the DAO, which we will cover in a separate article.

2. Second Engine: Treasury Masterplan

As per our masterplan, we had acquired tokens in portfolio projects, either through selective investments or through fees. While our plan was to acquire fixed income assets to generate consistent income for the DAO to tide through mild winters, the only sector which was giving that (gaming) was experiencing a big hit to asset prices. SuperLauncher treasury also does not generally sell its portfolio project tokens, as our price targets are much higher.

As a result, the treasury did not actively rebalance its portfolio, or make any new purchases. Inventory levels remain similar, but the value has dropped along with the broader market.

In V3, we will make changes to our revenue model to build a stronger cash position, which we will cover in a separate article.

3. Third Engine: Secret Roadmap

Our Secret Roadmap mentioned that we wanted to build silently, which would allow us to observe the landscape and respond to it nimbly. We have re-architected our DAO to facilitate a number of product releases in 2022.

These product releases are an attempt to assimilate into an increasingly multi-chain environment. Additional utility for our ecosystem tokens will be introduced through these product releases. Each one of these items will be covered in detail in separate articles.

Launchpad V3 — Ready

Launchpad V3 improves on launchpad 1.0 and 2.0. Token holders are guaranteed bigger allocations, but public and whitelist participants can subscribe alongside token holders for non-guaranteed and smaller allocations. A number of new features have also been introduced to bring the best experience to the user and project.

Multiple EVMs — 20 chains integrated

We have enough data to believe that pursuing an EVM strategy as a means to seamless expansion into an increasingly multi-chain environment is the way to go. We have currently integrated 20 EVMs and will start releasing them as the flow of projects come in.

EGG Pools — Building

EGG Pools are collaborations with listed or unlisted tokens that are looking to reward our audience with their tokens in exchange for exposure. While launches might not be so common in this market, EGG Pools will regulate the activity levels and engagement.

Governance Module — Building

Governance will be parameterised and executed through smart contracts with a timelock. The DAO will now be able to propose and vote on changing about 20 pre-determined parameters which control the heart of SuperLauncher, which include how fees and revenues are distributed in the DAO.

Referrals — Building

We will introduce a referral scheme that allows all members of the DAO to receive a revenue share of fees generated from the contacts that they introduce to SuperLauncher. This would be the final piece of the 2022 puzzle and will work with all the chains.

Hope you enjoyed this update, and keep your eyes peeled for the details.

Yours Truly,
Your Birdies

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