How Does SuperLauncher Handle Vesting?

Hello, Birdies :)

SuperLauncher had recently unveiled two IDOs, one of which we will hold on 3rd July, and another in early July 2021. Our pipeline has blossomed from mere conversations to where we are now- projects wanting to tie down IDO dates a month or more in advance. We could not have done it without the support of the birdie flock :)

We are excited, as it has not been easy to attract projects to launch with us, especially given our size, the competitive landscape on BSC, and the bearish market sentiment. We have kept the focus on our roadmap and strived to be faster, more diligent, and more devoted than the competition. We will introduce Community Listing, SuperLauncher V2, and cross-chain deployment on Avalanche (surprised?) and Cardano in Q3/Q4 2021.

In view of the upcoming IDOs, there is a topic which we would like to talk about today, which we hope would resonate with you birdie investors. This topic is about Investor Vesting.

What is Investor Vesting?

If you have been in the Launchpad scene for long enough, you would have noticed that some projects like to impose a vesting schedule for investors, especially projects that are well-funded and feature on top pads like Polkastarter.

Let’s say a project has a vesting schedule for investors that looks like the following:

25% unlock on TGE
25% unlock in 30 Days
25% unlock in 60 Days
25% unlock in 90 Days

This implies that 25% of the tokens are released to the investor upon listing, and the remaining are released in 30,60, and 90 days respectively. Investor Vesting is a mechanism for a project to deal with selling pressure, especially as they work towards building token utility and adoption.

Why Are We Talking About This?

Projects that want to launch with us have indicated that they, too, prefer to impose vesting schedules for investors. When the market was extremely bullish, we thought this was unnecessary. However, with the current sentiment, we think it will benefit both the Project and Investors. We will be open to investor vesting schedules, but only if it is a fair game.

In SuperLauncher’s first two IDOs (SuperLauncher and Citizen Finance), we imposed 100% investor vesting on listing, as we felt that it was only fair to the investors who committed 100% of the investment to the project. In return shouldn’t they be getting 100% of the tokens upon listing? How is it that projects that impose investor vesting can take the full raise amount up-front, but investors have to adhere to the vesting schedule? Enter SuperLauncher.

The SuperLauncher Method

Our smart contracts treat investors fairly when a project decides to impose investor vesting schedules. This means that if investors have to wait to get their tokens, then projects have to wait to get their raise :)

Let’s use the same examples as before. Assume that the project has a vesting schedule for investors that looks like the following:

25% unlock upon Listing
25% unlock in 30 Days
25% unlock in 60 Days
25% unlock in 90 Days

After the IDO and upon listing, investors will get 25% of the tokens upon listing, and the project will get 25% of the raise. Subsequently, both investor and the project will get 25% in 30, 60, and 90 Days respectively.

Like the feature birdies? So do we :)

We think this will elicit and cultivate responsible behaviour from projects and keep it fair and secure for investors.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”

Yours Truly, Your Birdies

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