How SuperLauncher compares to other Launchpads

Hello Birdies. The launchpad space has become very crowded and most of you might be thinking we are just another launchpad, packed like sardines with the rest! Well with non-birdie vision, you would see us lumped in with the rest and we forgive you for thinking that way. Today we hope to help you enable that hawkeye vision and take a closer look. You would actually see us flying way above the crowded pool and we have no intentions of going down… well, except to swoop down and eat those sardines I guess.

What is a Launchpad?

Three main points define what launchpads do:

  1. Allow investors to gain early access to token sales (Why should VCs have all the fun and the money?)
  2. The core function of a launchpad, the vetting process. This allows the investor to have a peace of mind while investing, knowing that the launchpad has done the due diligence on their behalf (Disclaimer: DYOR on the launchpad before you take that flight of faith)

Why SuperLauncher and not Xpad, Ypad, Takeoff, or whatever else the rest are called?

#1 - Our launchpad itself

#2 - 0% fee listing, sponsored audit & marketing support

#3 - Multi-sig implementations


#5 - Staking, EGGS, and more goodies to come in SuperLauncher V2

  • $EGG is designed to give you an edge as an investor birdie in SuperLauncher V2.
  • $EGG is a tokenized representation of additional allocation (oh wow?), priority fills (WOW??), temporary or permanent skill upgrades (Gamification!!)
  • $EGG can be traded on a DEX once liquidity mining is introduced. (Somehow $EGGs have been released into the wild already but the pool is not liquid enough).
  • $EGG’s value will fluctuate from IDO to IDO, as it will factor in the IDO’s future value.

#6 - What is the minimum requirement to participate in IDOs on SuperLauncher?

#7 - Referral program

#8 - Whitelist

#9 - What else?

Above all, we believe it is our loyal flock of birdies who differentiate us from the rest. You have been with us from the beginning and every day we are inspired to do what we do because of you. When we started this, we wanted to fix the problems that are plaguing the current launchpad landscape and of course, we want to go to the moon as well. Our goals remain but with a slight difference. Now we have got a whole flock of birdies we want to go to the moon with.

“Birds that flock together, moon together”

See you on the otherside birdies.

Yours truly, Your Birdies

#1 launchpad on the Binance Smart Chain.