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The ‘No Fuss’ AMA is a series where the birds leave all the hype aside and focus on fun, casual banter and real exchanges with upcoming projects

Hello Birdies! Welcome to our 3rd Edition of the ‘No Fuss AMA’, where the birds leave all the hype aside and focus on fun, casual banter and real exchanges with upcoming projects.

Today, we are feeling super chirpy and happy to host an amazing team with a truly unique proposition. Grab your bird seeds, and put your wings together to welcome Jordan Friske, CEO of Landshare and Travis Martin, COO of Landshare.

**AMA Round 1 (Conversational- With SuperLauncher Team)**

Pinky — SuperLauncher: Hello Jordan, Travis, happy to have you here

Travis — Landshare: Hello, thanks for hosting this AMA with us!

Jordan — Landshare: Hello everyone, good to be here

Pinky — SuperLauncher: Very excited about your upcoming IDO, and I’m sure all the birds are keen to hear more from you :) Please give us an introduction about yourselves and what you were doing prior to Landshare.

Jordan — Landshare: I am Jordan Friske, lead blockchain developer for Landshare. My educational background is in computer science and my professional background is in the US Air Force as a digital network analyst, including over 1 year of full-time training in the US military’s most intensive cyber course. I’ve been coding for over 10 years and working on blockchain for over 2 years.

Travis — Landshare: I’m Travis the COO, Director of Marketing, and cofounder of Landshare. I have over 6 years of experience in cryptocurrency investments and market analysis. With this experience in trading I’ve seen and been involved in many projects over the years. I am using this experience to ensure that Landshare has a successful launch with longevity by focusing on community outreach, sound tokenomics, expanding partnerships, and contract security.

Pinky — SuperLauncher: Nice thanks for the intro. Looks like a DUO with programming and markets background :) Quite a lethal combination, one that we have seen in many successful teams! What inspired you to build Landshare?

Travis — Landshare: Real estate has been a traditional investment for decades now, and with the rising property costs the entry barrier is higher than ever. With such a high entry barrier it makes real estate investment inaccessible for most people — something that Landshare is working to solve.

Pinky — SuperLauncher: Yes, I think this is the reason why we have most of the younger folks turning to assets like cryptocurrency. Real estate almost feels traditional now, up until Landshare came about. It’s a really novel product that you’re offering, I’m sure users would like to understand the value you look to bring to them. Could you tell us more about this?

Jordan — Landshare: Our goal is to combine real estate and DeFi yield farming into one easily accessible investment model to ensure the highest possible returns on stablecoins. Our Property Vault will payout based on the rental value and appreciation of assets, and stakers will be paid out an additional BUSD yield farming bonus as well as Landshare tokens for a total APR of 30–40% on BUSD staking.

Pinky — SuperLauncher: Would the vault only accept BUSD? Could you tell us what strategies the vault uses to generate the yield?

Jordan — Landshare: The vault uses 3 sources for yields — real estate (rental + appreciation), third-party yield farming protocols, and Landshare tokens. The property vault only accepts BUSD, but LAND tokens you earn can be staked in a separate vault for additional returns.

Pinky — SuperLauncher: So three main strategies using DEFI + Real Estate for enhanced yields. Please tell us more about your property vaults, which are going live on 02 August 2021

Jordan — Landshare: The Property Vault gives users access to the real estate market without having to make a direct, legally binding investment. It is basically a form of “indirect” real estate investment where you can earn the rental income and appreciation of the asset by staking stable coins. This model also means that investors are not liable for damages, depreciation, or other losses incurred by the assets.

Pinky — SuperLauncher: Great. Really strikes a chord with those who hold on to stable coins, and want that real estate exposure without having to leave the blockchain. Also avoids all the hassles associated with maintaining physical real estate.

Jordan — Landshare: Yep, that is our goal for sure

Pinky — SuperLauncher: In the interest of the birdies here, could you tell them what they can do with their LAND tokens after the IDO ends, and the tokens become claimable?

Travis — Landshare: LAND will be the utility token for the platform and be required to enter any of our vaults. After the IDO our platform will go live and include LAND staking, and our signature Property Vault. Our Property Vault will require a collateral of 1 LAND for every 10 BUSD deposited. The Property Vault will allow BUSD stakers to earn yields paid out in real-time. The LAND staking is a straightforward stake LAND and get LAND as a reward. In addition, the team is working on setting up some liquidity farms with other platforms that users will be able to participate in as well

Pinky — SuperLauncher: Hear that birdies? There’s something for you to do with LAND right after the IDO. Make sure to check out their website to participate once the app goes live. For those who are comfortable providing liquidity, there will be options for you too

Pinky — SuperLauncher: Would like to conclude the first round with this. Why is Landshare special and why should investors pay attention?

Jordan — Landshare: Landshare presents a unique use case on the blockchain, offering exposure to one of the world's largest asset classes in a DeFi environment. Our platform will offer number of investment forms, including rental properties, house flipping, and tokenized assets. The LAND token sits at the center of all of these features, and anyone who wishes to use them must hold it. For anyone looking to earn a solid return on stablecoin investments, Landshare’s model will be very enticing, offering 30–40% APR.

Pinky — SuperLauncher: Thank you, that’s a very compelling statement! Looking forward to participating in your ecosystem. For those still curious about Landshare and their roadmap, head on over to read their whitepaper, which you can find on, which talks about these things in detail :)

**AMA Round 2 (Rapid Fire — Questions from the community)**

Pinky — SuperLauncher: First community question. What are the risks of depositing BUSD in a property vault?

Jordan — Landshare: There are inherent risks to any DeFi investment. It is impossible to mitigate all risks, however we have done everything we can to do just that. On the real estate side, investors are protected from depreciation as their investment is not directly collateralized by the asset. Our contracts are audited and we do not expose investor funds to third party protocols. These are the steps we’ve taken to reduce risk as much as possible

Pinky — SuperLauncher: Second community question. How is Landshare affected by bear markets, both in the crypto and real world?

Travis — Landshare: Since our yields are based on real estate assets, and not speculative growth, a bear market in crypto would not impact our payouts. If the real estate market experiences a bear market, depreciation, or lower rental values we will be able to supplement our yields via third party yield-farming and/or LAND payout to ensure that we are hitting our target of 30–40% APR in our Property Vault.

Pinky — SuperLauncher: Third community question. Can Landshare users own property through Landshare?

Jordan — Landshare: Not currently, however we plan to add tokenized asset ownership sometime next year. In this model, tokens will represent fractional ownership of a real estate LLC.

Pinky — SuperLauncher: Fourth community question. What do your growth/expansion plans look like for Landshare? Which country is your next destination outside of the US?

Jordan — Landshare: We plan to focus on US properties unless the opportunity presents itself for international expansion. The US offers virtually any property type we would want, but we wouldn’t rule out international options if they presented themselves.

**AMA Round 3 (Rapid Fire — Live Questions from the floor)**

Community Bird: You mentioned that users are not exposed to third-party protocols. However, you also say that one of the strategies of the property vault is to farm on third-party protocols. Could you give us some clarity?

Jordan — Landshare: Good question. We have a separate fund used for yield farming. The funds in the Property Vault are used as reward liquidity and for token buybacks but are never directly exposed to third-party protocols.

Community Bird: Do you have any relation to ApeSwap?

Travis — Landshare: Liquidity will be added to ApeSwap immediately following the IDO on August 2nd. We will be working with ApeSwap to implement a liquidity farm on their platform as well

Community Bird: Real estate belongs to the real world, so to speak. So how will they connect with the real world? that is, will they do it through an oracle or something similar that integrates elements outside the chain?

Jordan — Landshare: The team can enter information about the Properties into our smart contracts, which will calculate and distribute the rewards accordingly. If properties are reappraised at a different value, or their rental value changes, these parameters can be adjusted in the smart contract.

Community Bird: Are you a global project or a local? Can anybody use your advantages from anywhere without any Limitations?

Travis — Landshare: Our LAND staking and Property Vault will be accessible from anywhere without limitations. However, future features such as tokenized assets will require users to complete KYC in order to participate

Pinky — SuperLauncher: With that, we come to the end of our 3rd Edition of the No Fuss AMA with Landshare. Thank you Jordan and Travis for being with us! It’s been a really enjoyable session here at the aviary.

**[End of AMA]**

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Landshare brings the dream of real estate investment to the masses. Featuring asset-based stablecoin vaults, a utility token, house flipping pools and a governance protocol, Landshare offers a full-fledged DeFi platform based on US real estate assets. Simply stake your stablecoins in our Property Vault to earn yields based on the rental value and appreciation of assets, or invest in our house flipping pools to earn a lump sum payout.

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