Metabase Private Round on SuperLauncher! (11 Feb, 2PM UTC)

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4 min readFeb 3, 2022


SuperLauncher is thrilled to host a $100,000 private round raise for Metabase on 11th Feb, 2PM UTC, an Indonesia focussed Gaming Guild, powered by the Binance Smart Chain.

Important Instructions:

  1. You will purchase with BUSD on BSC.
  2. Listing Estimated for March 2022
  3. Certificates will be issued on BSC after the raise

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🏨 Metabase Private Sale
🧨 HardCap: $100,000 (BUSD)
🌱 Private Sale Price: $0.00443 (Before Fees)
💴 Fee: 10%

📸 Snapshot: 10th Feb, 2:00PM UTC

🏅 Funding: BUSD
🟦 Sales Format: 2.0 Allocation Model
— —
For svLAUNCH Stakers
💰Subscription Round Start: 11th Feb, 2:00PM UTC
💰Subscription Round End: 12th Feb, 10:00 AM UTC

👌 Guaranteed Allocation→ Hold 1700 svLAUNCH or more (est.)
🎲 Lottery Amount~ $50 → Hold 40 svLAUNCH or more
🥚 Oversubscribe ~ $1000 → Burn EGGs to qualify
— —
For NON Stakers (FCFS)
💰Public Round Start: 12th Feb, 12:00PM UTC
💰Public Round End: 12th Feb, 2:00PM UTC

⏩ FCFS = Min $25 /Max $500
— -

🚨Vesting Period: 10% TGE, 90 day cliff, Linear Release over 1 year
🗓 Listing Date: Est. March 2022
Listing Venues: TBA
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🥧 Total Supply: 2,500,000,000 $MTBS
💷Listing Market Cap: ~$753k
💧FDV: ~ $15M

What is Metabase?

Metabase is an Indonesia focussed gaming guild that integrates P2E titles and offers guild management tools. Having publicly announced a series of partnerships with P2E games, Metabase not only empowers its own community to benefit from the P2E revolution but acts as a SAAS solution for other gaming guilds looking to simplify their workflow. Features include:

  • Monitoring performance and profitability metrics
  • Management of all revenue and payment to players
  • Lending NFTs and Rent-management
  • Seamless Cryptocurrency to Fiat off-ramp options

Textbook application of identifying a problem and offering a solution. With Metabase, gaming guilds can easily scale to over thousands of players across multiple games and chains and differing geographies.

Why Should You Invest in Metabase?

(1) Guild Operations: Pilot Phase Revenue hitting $600+ per player
(2) 150 Active Players, with 2500 on waiting list
(3) Proprietary Software Ready in Q1 2022 with multiple signed agreements for adoption
(4) Exclusive partnerships with notable Indonesian KOLs

As we explored previously, GameFi was shaping up to be a dominant theme in 2022. One of the primary drivers of growth and consequence of the Play-to-Earn model are Gaming Guilds.

Similar to traditional gaming guilds — which serve as platforms to organize and unify groups of players towards a larger goal — crypto gaming guilds marry this concept with the commercials of managing a sports team. Crypto gaming guilds are the business of managing multiple players as revenue-generating verticals by supporting them (lending required NFTs for gameplay) and training them (coaching, sharing alpha strategies) in return for percentage of profits generated.

As DeFiance Capital tweeted, “If games are the homerun high risk/high reward punts, guilds would be the blue-chip industry juggernauts standing the test of time”. Big-name crypto VCs Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), and Pantera Capital are putting their money where their mouth is, participating in funding both Yield Guild Games (US$22.4 million) and GuildFi (US$6 million seed).

They are clearly looking beyond crypto games to co-op the metaverse. Not surprising as there are 2 million players in Axie Infinity alone, generating about US$15 million daily. However, profitable player management at scale is difficult and complex as it entails tracking a plethora of metrics, from player-centric ones revolving around performance and profitability to gameplay-centric ones.

With few available tools at the disposal of guild managers, and none of them able to serve as a robust solution across multiple games, managers have even resorted to using Excel. Sadly, Oracle isn’t currently building Guild Saas solutions.

But you know who is? Metabase is.

Metabase Token ($MTBS) Overview

Token Release Schedule


Investors and Partners

About Metabase

Metabase is an app that empowers players and investors to participate in the play to earn gaming industry. Hence also becoming a distribution channel for games seeking players. Metabase aims to be a constant bridge for players to enter the metaverse and extrapolate value out.

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