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3 min readAug 4, 2022

Hi Birdies,

As a BNBchain protocol, we have raised funds for projects that are building on other blockchains, like Solana, Algorand and Polygon. In these cases, the heavy lifting was always done on BNBChain, where the funds were raised. Settlement usually occurred on the native blockchains, where the projects released the tokens to participants.

This naturally limited our audience to BNBChain natives. If our intention is to attract projects and users at scale, then we can’t expect all of them to switch to BNBchain just because we are there. If we could situate ourselves in various chains, we would not only open opportunities to our current BNBChain users, but service the needs of users of the various blockchains.

The blockchain landscape today is fragmented, to say the least. True believers of a particular system, reluctance to move across chains- the list goes on. However, a common theme across majority blockchains is that they are EVM based. A DeFi native who is open to being a degen on multiple chains? We have you covered. Only feel safe with your funds on BNBchain or Arbitrum? We got you. This way, we can extend our reach across the EVM multiverse :)

PS: There is a new DAO Role description at the bottom of this article

20 EVMs Integrated

We are currently integrated to 20 EVMs, where we will deploy Launchpad V3 and the Marketplace. This will allow us to host token sales on the various chains to cater to a native userbase, issue certificates and facilitate direct fee settlement with projects. The list of chains currently integrated are:

(1) BNB Chain (2) Polygon (3) Nervos (4) Evmos (5) Fantom (6) Gnosis Chain (7) KCC (8) Moonbeam (9) Optimism (10) Arbitrum (11) Milkomeda (12) Avalanche (13) Astar (14) Cronos (15) Klatyn (16) Aurora (17) Celo (18) Fusion (19) Heco (20) ETH

Benefits for Users and Projects

We are deploying Launchpad V3 and Marketplace modules on the blockchains listed above.

(1) By raising funds on the project’s native blockchain, we streamline the fundraising journey for the project and reduce operational challenges.

(2) BNBChain users can access projects on various chains by remaining staked on BNBChain. There will be a registration process with EGGs to access these sales, which will be covered in a separate article.

(3) Non-BNBChain users can participate in token sales on their preferred blockchains without having to stake on BNBChain, albeit with non-guaranteed and smaller allocations.

(4) With our marketplace deployed natively on each of the blockchains, users can redeem certificates containing their token entitlement which can be traded freely, increasing price discovery for projects.

New DAO Role — Blockchain Leader

Deploying on multiple EVMs requires us to scale our deal sourcing and execution on various chains. A key step we have taken to help us on this mission is to open up a new DAO Role called ‘Blockchain Leader’.

Blockchain Leaders will take ownership of SuperLauncher on their respective chains. Each Blockchain Leader will take charge of one blockchain, and is free to build out a team to help source and execute fundraising campaigns. Blockchain leaders will get support from HQ, which include tech, business and marketing. In return, they will get to keep a % of the fee charged to projects.

The idea is to empower blockchain leaders to build activity on multiple chains in parallel, and build in the right incentives to make this happen. The ideal state is one where we have simultaneous activity happening on multiple chains, made possible by multiple teams.

Requirement for Blockchain Leader: 10,000 svLAUNCH.

Please reach out to @pinky_superlauncher or @kanary_superlauncher on Telegram if you are keen. Hope you enjoyed the piece today, and do stay alert for our next release! Chirp Chirp.

Yours Truly,
Your Birdies

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