Open Letter: Individual Allocation Rationale for YAY Games IDO

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3 min readAug 30, 2021


Hello Birdies,

The YAY Games situation is a first for us, where we have one of the lowest raise amounts and the highest number of stakers in our short history. This period has certainly served as an inflection point for SuperLauncher, due to the attention that we have received from the Yay Games IDO. Our tokenomics and staking systems were designed to rapidly onboard birdies in the event we received increased exposure, and that has somewhat played out, with staker numbers up by 50% in the last two weeks.

Given that SuperLauncher V1 works on a guaranteed whitelist model, followed by FCFS for IDO, there has been a need to balance the interests of all parties, to ensure that everyone gets a fair chance to participate whilst avoiding gas wars.

The pros of letting as many birdies participate as possible in this IDO far outweigh the cons, as it will allow SuperLauncher to showcase platform capabilities, and build goodwill. For future IDOs, we will facilitate larger raise amounts to cater for better allocations for all.

There are two main reasons for the decrease in individual allocation size for the YAY IDO.

  1. Change in BNB Price.

a) When the agreement with YAY Games for a $175,000 raise was made, BNB was trading at $400, which gave a total allocation of about 440 BNB.

b) BNB is currently trading at $500, which reduces the total allocation to about 350 BNB, which equates to about a 20% drop in total allocation.

c) This naturally translates into a 2.4 BNB allocation for Strategic/Armada and 0.16 BNB allocation for Rocket. However, since staker numbers also went up, a further revision of allocation was necessary.

2. Increase in Staker Numbers

a) When the YAY Games announcement was put up on 19th August, the number of stakers holding svLAUNCH was 1286. The number as of 30th August is 1954, roughly a 50% increase.

b) Sticking to 2.4 BNB allocation for Strategic/Armada at these numbers would give only 40% of the stakers in this tier bracket a chance to fill. We have therefore revised it to 1.4 BNB so that up to 70% will be able to subscribe during the sale.

c) Sticking to 0.16 BNB allocation for Rocket at these numbers would give only 20% of the stakers in this bracket a chance to fill. We have therefore revised it to 0.1 BNB so that up to 50% will be able to subscribe during the sale.

We hope this move resonates well with the birdies in the Aviary. As always, do not hesitate to share your concerns and ask any questions that you might have.

Yours Truly, Your Birdies

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