Secret Roadmap: Third Engine for Growth in 2022

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2 min readDec 31, 2021

Hi Birdies,

As a final note before 2022 descends upon all of us, we would like to share our ‘Secret Roadmap’. We have chosen to remain largely secretive on our roadmap for 2022 because we like to surprise. But more importantly, 2022 is going to move at a breakneck pace and we would like to retain our edge over the market and be able to continue innovating rapidly without encumbrance.

Here are four main areas of focus that will propel SuperLauncher to greater heights in 2022 and beyond.

1. Foundation Token Unlocks

Key Improvements: We have enforced token unlock milestones for Foundation Release #3 based on LAUNCH price targets, and created a 2-year vesting schedule for Foundation Release #4.

175,000 LAUNCH is due to the Genesis Birds from the 3rd Foundation Token Unlock which happened on 09 Sep 2021, but has remained untouched. We have collectively agreed to only release 50% of this when $LAUNCH reaches $50, and another 50% when $LAUNCH reaches $100.

The 4th Foundation Token Unlock will happen on 7th January 2022. We will set aside 20% to reward superstar contributors to the DAO, and 80% of it will be distributed to the Genesis Birds, but vested over two years to enforce commitment.

2. DAO Priorities

a. Eliminate operational bottlenecks and improve existing processes
b. Optimise the internal and external interactions of DAO roles
c. Expand responsibilities of DAO roles to cover the entire value chain
d. Recruit more birdies to the DAO roles, and expand our footprint.
e. Foster collaboration between portfolio projects

3. Token Priorities

a. List and build liquidity and demand for $LAUNCH on multiple blockchains
b. List selectively on CEXes that offer 2-way collaboration opportunities
c. Build liquidity for $EGG
d. Build utility for svLAUNCH

4. Technology Priorities

a. Continuous improvement of existing products
b. Native Integrations on multiple blockchains
c. Beef up Security
d. New product development

Wishing you a very happy new year. We can’t wait to see you in 2022 :)

Yours Truly,
Your Birdies

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