SolChicks AMA Recap (24 Nov 2021)

Birdies caught the Chicks for an AMA

Hello Birdies! Welcome to our 9th Edition of the ‘No Fuss AMA’, where the birds leave all the hype aside and focus on fun, casual banter and real exchanges with upcoming projects.

Today we are thrilled to be hosting the SolChicks team ahead of their IDO Round on SuperLauncher on 26th Nov at 2PM UTC. We are super excited to be hosting our 1st raise for a Solana project, the biggest NFT, PVP, P2E gaming ecosystem to date.

If you have not read up on SolChicks, check out the Article, Sale Summary and IDO Guide

🎲 Trailer 🌐 Website | 📋Deck | 🧊Telegram | 🐦Twitter | 💬Discord

🐤 Don’t forget, SolChiks has generously set aside an Exquisite SolChicks NFT for which the current floor is 21 SOL!

🎴 Also check out their Game Demo

Pinky SuperLauncher — Hello Paulo! Nice to have you here. We’ll have a short Q&A to touch on the general pulse of things, before opening it up to the floor so that the community gets some airtime. Are you ready? :)

Paulo SolChicks — wassup fam. Let’s go!!

Pinky SuperLauncher — All birdies! Let’s welcome @auloap from the SolChicks team. Paulo, super excited to start. Let’s get this going. Please tell us a little bit about the genesis of SolChicks and the team behind that’s making it happen.

Paulo SolChicks — We wanted to make a game that players actually want to play, and not just play it because it earns money! This is what’s missing in the P2E space — immersive, exciting gameplay.

We’ve gathered the best people from the business world (Oaktree, Wharton, JPMorgan, McKinsey) + the best gaming devs from Nexon, Line and Google (Maplestory, PUBG, Tera, Dungeon Fighter and Heroes of New Earth), and because of this, we are running fast with a super solid project!

Pinky SuperLauncher — Sounds cool! It’s actually a very different approach from most games, and might turn the perception of play to earn on its head! Loved it when i tried the game demo, reminded me of Diablo, which i was an avid player of. Just that this time, we had adorable chicks in there :D

Paulo SolChicks — chicks casting fireballs! exxxplosionn!

Pinky SuperLauncher — Your NFT sale has been blazing hot, and the game demos look unreal. Which are the user groups that have responded the most to date, and the user groups you wish to target going forward?

Paulo SolChicks — The people from China, South Korea, USA, Vietnam, Philippines and Thailand have the biggest draw for now! We also have gaming guilds, esports teams on our partner list. Moving forward, we really hope to find more gaming communities, and build a strong following for us to have feedback on game dev~ we just want to build the best game out there! Well may not be a AAA game per se, but a solid BBB maybe?

Fully 3D, moves fast, class changes, quests, PVPs, MMR, the whole sink. Ya! So yup we aim to get it out by mid-late next year — including blockchain application

Pinky SuperLauncher — Awesome! Right now users can check out the playable demo. If you haven’t already, here’s a link!

We’re hoping that our users could be scholars in your ecosystem as well — figuring out how that’ll look like :D

Paulo SolChicks — It’ll be embedded in the GameUI! We’re gonna build something like an NFT Bank. NFT holders can “deposit” their SolChicks for a price, set duration of it being rented out, and on the other end renters can pick and rent, while immediately giving the cut to the manager. This way we dissolve any trust issues-related drama

Pinky SuperLauncher — Looking forward to it 🔥You have assembled an impressive list of partners and launchpads to cover your sale, could you give everyone an idea of the names involved? (I’m half expecting you’ll have to direct users to your website 😂, as the list is very long)

Paulo SolChicks — *Posts a Picture* But all partnerships are viewable here:

I’m still missing a few, but I think we’re at 33 launchpads to date?

Pinky SuperLauncher — Yeah, it’s an impressive list, never seen a fundraise of this scale across so many launchpads — amazing user acquisition strategy too

Paulo SolChicks — Yes we wanted as many eyes on SolChicks too. Thanks for having us onboard!! Been monitoring this chat too and you guys are super solid

Pinky SuperLauncher — Thanks! We’re lucky to have birdies who actually care about our growth, and are avid and keen investors and users too, so the pleasure is ours!

Which brings me to — When can users start to participate meaningfully in the ecosystem. Would you recommend that users grab the SolChicks NFT to be able to play in the game? SolChick NFT floor been blazing daily

Paulo SolChicks — Yes, definitely. The collection is only 10,000 after all. Our community is now about 300k across the board, so it’s only going to be more scarce. Just today we surpassed Aurory’s 19sol floor price. That’s after only being around since September! If that’s too high, maybe wait for the third mint, or rent the NFT when the loaning system is live! We don’t know the price that will be set then (may be somewhat along the range of the floor)

Pinky SuperLauncher — Hmm… Should birdies acquire SolChicks NFT? :D

🐤 Don’t forget, SolChiks has generously set aside an Exquisite SolChicks NFT , so take a shot at it if you haven’t already. Floor is now 21 Sol.

You’ll be doing your IDO across more than 30 pads on the 26th of Nov. TGE is expected to happen in the first week of Dec.

Would be useful for the birdies to understand — How can $Chicks be utilised in the SolChicks ecosystem?

Paulo SolChicks — yesss stand a chance to win!! It’s the main token of the game- it can buy virtually anything from the in-game marketplace! It will be a big part in purchasing new SolChicks (bred from the first 10k), as well as be a deflationary asset for breeding, and buying the sub-currencies in the game.

Pinky SuperLauncher — If you have not read up on SolChicks, check out the Article, Sale Summary and IDO Guide

🎲 Trailer 🌐 Website | 📋Deck | 🧊Telegram | 🐦Twitter | 💬Discord |

🎴 Also check out their Game Demo

@auloap we’ll now open it up to the floor, for the community to ask questions :)

Refer to SuperLauncher Telegram Chat where the community round occurred using this link:


About SolChicks

SolChicks allows you to discover rare collectibles and be rewarded for your playtime through a detailed, integrated ecosystem, all while taking advantage of the power of decentralised ownership that cryptocurrency brings. As one of the first NFT-driven gaming platforms built on the Solana blockchain, SolChicks has combined the best of both worlds into one INTEGRATED gaming platform so now you can enjoy UNIQUE NFT collectibles, and use them as main characters in an exciting virtual world.

🎲 Game Demo 🌐 Website | 📋Deck | 🧊Telegram | 🐦Twitter | 💬Discord

About SuperLauncher

SuperLauncher is an investment DAO that funds and collaborates with projects that are shaping the future of the blockchain. We facilitate mass participation in Seed/Private/IDO rounds through our smart contract architecture and offer a feature-rich platform that powers flexible and decentralized management of capital.

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Investment DAO that funds and collaborates with projects that are shaping the future of the blockchain.

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Investment DAO that funds and collaborates with projects that are shaping the future of the blockchain.

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