SuperLauncher AMA Recap

SuperLauncher AMA Recap

Q: When IDO?

Q: What Type of Projects for IDO?

Q: How will Team Tokens be Used after unlock on 12 May?

Q: How does the Roadmap look like?

Q: One of the uses of team tokens is to retain existing birdies and attract new ones. How are you going to achieve this?

Q: The strategic sale tier is named as invite-only. What is the criteria to get into it? Isn’t holding enough launch tokens enough to qualify?

Q: After the first IDO will there be ones on a regular basis or fixed periods?

Q: Can you give us an estimate about the total allocation you get for the first IDO and how much birdies can get an allocation that is reasonably good?

Q: Some people have suggested launching projects on Solana or Matic as it’s very early days for launchpads on those chains. Are you looking into that at all?

Q: Are you going to stop bots from scuttling FCFS sales?

Q: Just like you vetting the projects and selecting only the best for your launch pad, can you make sure to reward those who hold $LAUNCH longer? I.e. People who hold $LAUNCH the longer, gets better allocation? This way you reward the early supporter and Strong holder, not just anyone who can buy the 10K $LAUNCH today.

Q: When will whitelisting be for Rocket Tier?

Q: When moon? 😂 Since no questions were coming so I thought I ask this

Q: How can $LAUNCH token be used in the future? What are the plans? I saw the roadmap with staking + eggs. What does eggs mean?

Q: I’m sure you have already considered this but Fantom and Matic are the next buzz and you are already working on getting projects there. How would your multi-network IDO work? $LAUNCH is on BSC so if I want to participate in a future Fantom or any other chain where you host an IDO, should I continue to hold my $LAUNCH on BSC or you’ll be launching $LAUNCH on all networks?

Q: I see the tiers being a barrier to entry for other launchpads as their success is compounded, resulting in token price inflation. Any thoughts on how you plan to address this?

Q: As an extension of my earlier question, could you share at least in some rudimentary sense how the tiering/allocation might change given BNB’s price inflation? Imagine when it hits 3000, for example.

Q: What menas “Introduce Auto-Listing Module with community voting” in roadmap? Projects will list themselves?

Q: If the community votes yes they have IDO on SuperLauncher? And everyone can vote and invest in the IDO?

Q: Why do we need hold CMS ?

Q: Will Cardano projects use Cardano chain? I hope so for a more legitimate Cardano launchpad

Q: When will the first IDO project name be officially released to public? There was a plan to have IDOs every two days — what schedule do you plan to use in the upcoming days/months?

Q: What have you guys got in place for security of the platform and the tokens? How can we be assured that a PAID-type hack will not happen?

Q: Can you tell us more in terms of fundamental analysis, what your requirements are to launch a project? I have a feeling that it is really tough to find serious projects (tech wise) on BSC as most serious developers do not build on it. There are exceptions of course — are we going to see those exceptions?

Q: Why are all the Admins birds?

C: This is not a question, but I think your roadmap V2 is very interesting and ambitious.

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