SuperLauncher AMA Recap

Hi Birdies! Ahead of the AMA, we have put together answers to some of the burning questions that you might have. Hopefully, these address your key concerns. If there was anything that was not brought up here, feel free to ask them in the AMA. Try to avoid asking repeat questions, so that we can respond to fresh queries :)

Q: When IDO?

You birdies may expect an announcement anytime. We’ve already signed agreements and the projects are running through audits and/or co-ordinating the launch with other launchpads. This is largely out of our wings at the moment, so the team is focused on onboarding new projects.

Q: What Type of Projects for IDO?

We have received nearly 50 project referrals since we started the initiative. Most of the projects are NFTs and gaming projects on BSC, which has been the theme. Many of these projects either have lofty valuations or lop-sided token releases, which is never good for investors, so we don’t host them. But there are many gems that we’ve found. Keep the referrals coming!

Q: How will Team Tokens be Used after unlock on 12 May?

Retain and Attract Birdie Talent: We have at least 15 birdies who are involved in SuperLauncher across areas like community engagement, marketing, operations, finance, technology, and business. The team tokens would be utilized to retain existing birdies and attract new birdies.

Community Incentives: We publicly introduced incentives to attract quality projects. Going forward, we will be introducing more incentives to plug the areas where we might require help. These community incentives will be made available from the team token allocation.

Staking Rewards: We will utilize team tokens for liquidity mining and staking rewards. More details in the roadmap.

Q: How does the Roadmap look like?

Q2 2021

1. Website Overhaul
2. Introduce Single-Sided Staking
-Stake Launch, Earn Eggs
-Get stkLaunch for governance voting
3. Liquidity Mining: Stake LP Token, earn Launch + NFTs
4. Introduce Auto-Listing Module with community voting

Q3 2021

5. V2 Gamification/NFT
6. Cardano Support

Q4 2021

7. Marketplace to trade Eggs, NFTs, and gamification items

Q: One of the uses of team tokens is to retain existing birdies and attract new ones. How are you going to achieve this?

Since we’ve started, a number of members have reached out to us to help in areas like community engagement, marketing and social media, project referrals etc. We expect to attract more birdies as we grow. So far the process has been effortless, and we are thankful. If the project continues to do well, talent will approach us.

Q: The strategic sale tier is named as invite-only. What is the criteria to get into it? Isn’t holding enough launch tokens enough to qualify?

The base requirement is 10,000 LAUNCH tokens. So far we’ve given this out to core contributors- influencers, project referrers etc. If you think there are ways in which you can add significant value to SuperLauncher, do reach out and we could discuss. We are open to granting invites for this tier

Q: After the first IDO will there be ones on a regular basis or fixed periods?

The first IDO was always going to be the toughest. We started with about 1000 members, and no projects were approaching us at the start. Now, the situation is very different and we have incentive programs in place and a strong project pipeline. The first few IDOs would also draw a large amount of attention to the pad, increase the user base and hence, the overall profile of SuperLauncher. We expect regular IDOs going forward :)

Q: Can you give us an estimate about the total allocation you get for the first IDO and how much birdies can get an allocation that is reasonably good?

We try to get a sizable allocation that would satisfy the birdie flock. This means working with the projects to size the rounds well. We will need to combine this information with a number of token holders to arrive at an allocation. Rest assured, we will do our best to ensure good allocations for holders.

Q: Some people have suggested launching projects on Solana or Matic as it’s very early days for launchpads on those chains. Are you looking into that at all?

We decided to scrap our plans to move to ETH, primarily because we think ETH gas fees are too high now, especially with increasing ETH price. This makes it inaccessible to smaller investors, something we are not comfortable with.

We are definitely looking into other chains. As you can see from our roadmap, we are working on supporting Cardano blockchain. We are also open to suggestions on chains which you think might be interesting. So do give us a shout

Q: Are you going to stop bots from scuttling FCFS sales?

In V2, we will have a governance staking module where a user stakes LAUNCH token and gets stkLAUNCH token in return.

This token is non transferable and will be required for the participation on our platform. This staked token will also have a BOT address blacklist, where we can constantly sniff and add blacklisted BOT addresses.

As you know, the birdies don’t like bots! And don’t have bots in this channel :)

Q: Just like you vetting the projects and selecting only the best for your launch pad, can you make sure to reward those who hold $LAUNCH longer? I.e. People who hold $LAUNCH the longer, gets better allocation? This way you reward the early supporter and Strong holder, not just anyone who can buy the 10K $LAUNCH today.

More token utility will be released for the project, especially in the form of staking rewards. This would allow LAUNCH holders of any amount to participate in single-sided staking (governance) or double-sided staking (LP provision). This should eliminate the ‘void’ that we now see between tiers, and incentivize users to hold varying quantities of LAUNCH. We are already considering how we could reward the long-term holders of LAUNCH, perhaps through airdrops or similar schemes.

Q: When will whitelisting be for Rocket Tier?

This will be decided once we confirm the date for the IDO(s). We will then release the whitelists so that you can submit your details. So do look out for project launch announcements, as the whitelists will follow shortly after.

Q: When moon? 😂 Since no questions were coming so I thought I ask this

Nice one. :) The ideal scenario would be when the project gains more holders, and good projects continually approach us and we have frequent listings. Along with that, the upgrades that we make along the way, and expansions to new chains would ensure strong growth for LAUNCH

Q: How can $LAUNCH token be used in the future? What are the plans? I saw the roadmap with staking + eggs. What does eggs mean?

EGGS would be staking rewards which can then be used in our gamified system (v2) :) More details will be shared in due time!

Q: I’m sure you have already considered this but Fantom and Matic are the next buzz and you are already working on getting projects there. How would your multi-network IDO work? $LAUNCH is on BSC so if I want to participate in a future Fantom or any other chain where you host an IDO, should I continue to hold my $LAUNCH on BSC or you’ll be launching $LAUNCH on all networks?

We have carefully thought about this in our v2 product specification design. Basically, in V2, we will be using BSC as the main chain for the IDO gamification & subscription. For example, you can subscribe to a Cardano IDO from BSC. Our V2 platform will be able to bring the subscription info cross-chain to Cardano. This way, the user will be able to invest in Cardano projects while holding LAUNCH on BSC.

In other words, Subscribe in BSC, Purchase in Cardano. We felt that this way would be the simplest, and it will avoid having the users having to hold LAUNCH tokens in multiple blockchains.

Q: I see the tiers being a barrier to entry for other launchpads as their success is compounded, resulting in token price inflation. Any thoughts on how you plan to address this?

This is why we are a little hesitant to introduce new tiers to the project. Granted, introducing a 1k, or 2k tier might drive price action, but we have to remember that it would also mean that the tiers would very quickly become inaccessible. One of the main things that we want to be able to do is to gain mass adoption. Lots of users = great investing and buying power. This would also drive down volatility of the token, as the tokens are spread across a large number of holders.

Q: As an extension of my earlier question, could you share at least in some rudimentary sense how the tiering/allocation might change given BNB’s price inflation? Imagine when it hits 3000, for example.

The tiering would not be affected by BNB price changes. If anything, it would be affected by LAUNCH price change.

But as for the allocations, a BNB price change would still not really affect allocations, as we will assume a similar increase in purchasing power for BNB holders

Q: What menas “Introduce Auto-Listing Module with community voting” in roadmap? Projects will list themselves?

There have been so many projects that needed capital that have approached us, but we have had to turn them down because they have not passed our due diligence process, or we felt that it might not be good for our investors.

The auto-listing module would drive action and get the community involved in the whole project selection process. Basically, you birdies decide who you want to invest in, as a community. The process would look like this:

1) Project Applies
2) Project does AMA with community
3) Community votes Yes/No
4) Project lists/gets voted out

** Do note that the team will continue to source for projects independent of this auto-listing module

Q: If the community votes yes they have IDO on SuperLauncher? And everyone can vote and invest in the IDO?

Yes, this is correct. If you want it, you get to hear them out during the AMA, then you vote. If the majority votes yes, this project will be doing an IDO on SuperLauncher

Q: Why do we need hold CMS ?

CMS was introduced as a requirement primarily because of our marketing partnership with CryptoMoonShots and the Armada Group. We understand that it can be quite frustrating for non-ETH users. We will review the CMS requirement going forward and keep the birdies updated.

Q: Will Cardano projects use Cardano chain? I hope so for a more legitimate Cardano launchpad

This is basically a question of whether we want to create a wrapped LAUNCH token for every blockchain. Not to forget that we will also have governance staking and proposals. It will not be feasible to require users to hold multiple LAUNCH/wLAUNCH tokens in each blockchain. Implementing a cross-chain proposal/voting system can be tricky. Bearing in mind that our main objective is to support IDOs in Multiple Chains in the simplest fashion.

In view of these considerations, we have chosen the simplest approach in favor of user experience. This doesn’t mean that we will not improve it, should a suitable cross-chain solution/arise.

Q: When will the first IDO project name be officially released to public? There was a plan to have IDOs every two days — what schedule do you plan to use in the upcoming days/months?

..and well a more controversial question ..people (including me) have been complaining about the transparency of information flow during the last weeks ..we heard “soon” quiet a lot of times here ;) hindsight of a 500k token release that is still making some people inside the Armada worried how far can you calm our “birdies” minds?

Please read the pinned message :) The answers are all there. We will not release any information on the exact dates until we can. As for the team allocations, the plans are laid out clearly and any token speculation should be done at your own discretion. The team has no intentions to sell the tokens.

Q: What have you guys got in place for security of the platform and the tokens? How can we be assured that a PAID-type hack will not happen?

Our BEP20 LAUNCH token has max supply, is put under Multi-Sig and has vested release schedules with smart contract codes that are fully verifiable in BscScan.

Additionally, our smart contracts are fully audited. If you look at the codes, they have been carefully designed so that in all situations, the raised BNB and tokens securely reside in the smart contract. Under NO conditions will the Admin or Campaign owner be able to transfer the tokens. The ONLY conditions under which is that the BNB or tokens can be transferred are:

1. Successful IDO (met softcap).
2. Failed IDO or Cancelled IDO.

In both situations, the BNB/tokens are sent or returned to the rightful owners/users.

In other words, NO admin or Campaign owner can take your funds.

Q: Can you tell us more in terms of fundamental analysis, what your requirements are to launch a project? I have a feeling that it is really tough to find serious projects (tech wise) on BSC as most serious developers do not build on it. There are exceptions of course — are we going to see those exceptions?

Yes, you are right. It’s actually quite shocking that after countless referrals, and going through multiple projects and project types we arrive at a very small number of serious projects.

Medium Article: SuperLauncher’s Due Diligience Process

In the link above, we’ve described our due diligence process. We generally stick to those principles. Yes, we have found a number of investable projects and you will start to see them on SuperLauncher :)

Q: Why are all the Admins birds?

Haha :) We wanted to forge an identity from the start. Something that would resonate with the community. We really liked birds primarily because birds are smart creatures :) They fly in a flock, look after one another, and are great communicators. Birds have good memory which allows them to learn from the past and plan for the future:) Birds are full of energy and can fly for long distances without getting tired.

C: This is not a question, but I think your roadmap V2 is very interesting and ambitious.

Thank you :) we also think it’ll be a game-changer. As it stands, we are really undervalued as a launchpad :)

*We have fixed a couple of grammar mistakes to make it more redeable.

About SuperLauncher

SuperLauncher is a cross-chain launchpad that empowers projects to raise capital with best-in-class features and gives investors access to quality projects in a safe, trusted and decentralized manner. SuperLauncher helps projects conduct token sales, automated listings, and liquidity locks on Binance Smart Chain. Soon to be available on Ethereum and Cardano.

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Investment DAO that funds and collaborates with projects that are shaping the future of the blockchain.

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SuperLauncher DAO

Investment DAO that funds and collaborates with projects that are shaping the future of the blockchain.

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