SuperLauncher Commits Future Revenues to SuperLauncher DAO- Introduces Dividends

All revenue made by SuperLauncher will be channeled to birdies in the SuperLauncher DAO

Hi Birdies!

We are super excited to share that on 12 July 2021, we will go live with ‘Dividends’, a revenue-sharing mechanism that’s exclusive to the birdies of the SuperLauncher DAO. If you are a birdie who has staked LAUNCH, then you are part of the SuperLauncher DAO and you will receive dividends going forward.

Surprised? Let’s find out more :)

Screengrab of how a birdie would claim dividends

What Are Dividends?

Dividends are a way for SuperLauncher to distribute the revenue it has made to the SuperLauncher DAO. While SuperLauncher has not charged projects to date, we have found some gaps in the market that allow us to utilize the underlying technology to provide related services, like hosting private IDOs, locking services, farms, and facilitating more complex fundraises.

Give Me Example, Birdie?

For example, we have projects requesting that we host private IDOs (for their own audience), in exchange for payment in any BEP-20 token. SuperLauncher can then choose to keep the revenue for operational expenses, burn it to bring some deflationary pressure, or distribute it to the SuperLauncher DAO. After careful consideration, we have decided that distributing the revenue to the SuperLauncher DAO will be most beneficial for the value of $LAUNCH.

Here’s Why:

The best way to encourage the flock to stake and be part of the SuperLauncher DAO is to continue driving utility and benefits for this core flock, as they are integral to our growth. Therefore, it made perfect sense to avoid any conflict of interests and commit any revenue to the SuperLauncher DAO to foster loyalty. Birdies in the SuperLauncher DAO can now enjoy dividends, LAUNCH incentives, get voting rights, earn Eggs, and can participate in IDOs.

How to Calculate Dividends?

The dividends that are distributed will depend on the net revenue earned by SuperLauncher. Each time SuperLauncher declares a dividend, you will be able to claim it from

Your Dividends = (Your Stake/Total Staked)* Dividends Distributed

Why Are We Doing This?

We noticed that the current business models of most launchpads are designed to generate revenue, regardless of IDO performance. If an IDO does not go well, an investor loses money. However, the launchpad takes success fees and gets project tokens.

IDO investors are also hurting because their launchpad token holdings have depreciated rapidly in this uncertain market. This is because launchpads over distribute token airdrops and incentives to attract new users and influencers, which is a strategy that doesn’t work well in this market.

We wanted to change that. We are laser focussed on building the utility and value of LAUNCH and are on a mission to build and scale the SuperLauncher DAO, which will be the future of investing. Investors will not only actively participate in the investment process, but also enjoy the various benefits associated with being part of the SuperLauncher DAO.

Yours Truly, Your Birdies

About SuperLauncher

SuperLauncher is a cross-chain launchpad that gives investors access to quality projects in a safe, trusted, and decentralized manner and empowers projects to raise capital with best-in-class features. SuperLauncher helps projects conduct token sales, automated listings, and liquidity locks on Binance Smart Chain. Soon to be available on Avalanche and Cardano.

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Welcome to the new age of funding. Join the revolution to make capital distributed.

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Welcome to the new age of funding. Join the revolution to make capital distributed.