SuperLauncher DAO hosts AFK Elephants INO on 17th Feb, 2PM UTC!

  1. You will purchase with BUSD on BSC. You will claim your NFT on Algorand.
  2. You MUST set your Algorand Address before 18th Feb, 4am UTC.
  3. Prepare an Algorand Address. ONLY use
  4. Ensure you have 0.5 ALGO in your wallet. Otherwise, you CANNOT connect to the claims portal.
  5. Claims will go live on 19th Feb, 12PM UTC.
  6. You MUST Opt-In to the Zone Token in order to receive airdrops associated with the AFK Elephants NFT. Follow these instructions:

Sale Details

What are AFK Elephants?

Why purchase AFK Elephants?

  1. NFT holders receive weekly Zone rewards through airdrops.
  • Access pass to exclusive Zone Events across the world, with a chance to meet celebrities and superstar athletes.
  • Merchandise drop with well known streetwear brands.
  • Partnership with professional athletes coupled with exclusive tiered access.
  • Staking reward multiplier: Receive boosted staking rewards in certain ZONE pools.
  • Transaction fee nullifier: Up to 0% fees for all games on Zone.
  • Discounted loot boxes: Loot boxes contain ZONE tokens and other NFTs.
  • Payout multiplier: Multiplies the payout amount from games won.

Rarity and Levels

  1. Common
  2. Uncommon
  3. Rare
  4. Super Rare
  5. Legendary
  6. Mythical

About AFK Elephants

About SuperLauncher



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