SuperLauncher DAO Roles Open: First Engine for Growth in 2022

Dear Birdies, it has been a phenomenal year for the SuperLauncher DAO since we started back in April 2021.

As an anonymous protocol, we have faced our fair share of challenges. Building trust and relationships in the space was an uphill battle and most companies in the space only wanted to be associated with others who would reveal their true identities.

This went against everything that we stood for. We were turned down by projects, blockchains, and pretty much everyone else, especially because we were not public, the protocol was fairly new and did not have a track record.

We could have taken the easy way out — and put a face to our avatars, and rely on our true identities to strike partnerships and accelerate our growth. But we took that as a challenge. If countless anonymous protocols could scale and be used by millions, then we could too. So we set on a mission to do just that.

Summary of Statistics since Inception (Apr 21— Dec 21)

Projects Funded: 14
Total Funding To Projects: ~ US$5M
Total Investors Added: ~ 12000
svLAUNCH Holders: ~ 5000+

As you know, we made a conscious decision in Q3, 2021 to build and position ourselves as an investment DAO. We were convinced that DAOs would power the next wave of innovation, and we set out to define the DAO Roles and recruited capable, and extremely dedicated members from the SuperLauncher community. The results have been mind-blowing. We broke all records possible, having achieved more in the last 30 days, than we did since inception.

Statistics Before Setting up the DAO (Apr 21-Nov 21)

Period: 7 Months
Projects Funded: 7
Total Funding To Projects: ~ US$2M
Total Investors Added: ~ 4148
svLAUNCH Holders: ~ 2000+

Statistics After Setting up the DAO (Nov 21-Dec 21)

Period: 1 Month
Projects Funded: 7
Total Funding To Projects: ~ US$3M
Total Investors Added: ~ 7500+
svLAUNCH Holders: ~ 5000+

Of course, this is just the beginning and we have only skimmed the tip of the iceberg. SuperLauncher is still a baby bird. However, with such a sudden growth spurt, we have had to dig deep to quickly streamline inefficient processes, eliminate bottlenecks, and reorganize resources to be ready to scale rapidly in 2022.

We are now very excited to reveal that the DAO Roles for 2022 are open, and we are inviting committed community members from various disciplines to join us and to help us scale, and achieve our vision.

To date, we have involved 20 core contributors to the SuperLauncher DAO, fulfilling various functions, which include roles in community, deal making, treasury, marketing, operations, tech and media.

We will be interviewing for the following roles starting January 2022.

  1. Venture Birds (required: 6000 svLAUNCH)
  2. Dao Media: Instagram (required: 5000 svLAUNCH)
  3. Dao Media: Reddit (required: 5000 svLAUNCH)
  4. Smart Contract Developer (required: 1000 svLAUNCH)
  5. Front End Developer (required: 1000 svLAUNCH)
  6. Server / CICD Developer (required: 1000 svLAUNCH)
  7. UI/UX Designer (required: 1000 svLAUNCH)

Fly to Discord and apply to join our growing Aviary. Interviews will run from 4th Jan 2022 to 14th Jan 2022.

We are SuperLauncher. You are SuperLauncher. We build. We innovate. Expect us.

Yours truly,

Your Birdies

About SuperLauncher

SuperLauncher is an investment DAO that funds and collaborates with projects that are shaping the future of the blockchain. We facilitate mass participation in Seed/Private/IDO rounds through our smart contract architecture and offer a feature-rich platform that powers flexible and decentralized management of capital.

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Investment DAO that funds and collaborates with projects that are shaping the future of the blockchain.

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SuperLauncher DAO

SuperLauncher DAO

Investment DAO that funds and collaborates with projects that are shaping the future of the blockchain.

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