SuperLauncher Empowers Users with Insurance Option — 04 Dec 2023

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3 min readDec 4, 2023

Hi Birdies,

At SuperLauncher, our community’s confidence and security are paramount. Today, we’re proud to introduce a feature that further solidifies our commitment to user protection: the SuperLauncher Insurance Option.

Why Insurance? The thrill of being an early adopter can sometimes be overshadowed by the risks associated with early-stage funding. Recognizing this, we’ve crafted an insurance policy that provides a safety net, allowing our users to contribute with greater peace of mind.

The Insurance Mechanism

Our insurance option is a testament to our ethos of user protection. By staking LAUNCH tokens, users can now secure coverage for their contributions. This unique mechanism not only bolsters user confidence but also adds a significant utility to the LAUNCH token, enhancing its value proposition.

Here’s how it works: for every 10 LAUNCH staked, you receive coverage for up to $1 invested. If you invest $1,000, a stake of 10,000 LAUNCH would fully cover your investment. This coverage is your shield against the unforeseen, ensuring that you can step into new opportunities with the assurance that SuperLauncher has your back.

Enhanced Token Utility

But it’s not just about security. The requirement to stake LAUNCH tokens for insurance coverage introduces an additional layer of utility for our native token. It’s a strategic move that aligns the interests of our users with the intrinsic value of the LAUNCH token, potentially driving its demand and fostering a more robust ecosystem.

A Fair Balance

While we are not proponents of blanket refund policies that can inadvertently punish diligent founders, we cannot ignore the volatility and unpredictability of the crypto world. Our insurance policy strikes a fair balance, empowering users to safeguard their investments without discouraging the genuine efforts of project creators.

How to Take Advantage

The process is straightforward. Before the sale concludes, you can top up your LAUNCH stake to increase your coverage. Once the token lists, you have a 72-hour window to exercise your option to refund the insured amount, no questions asked. Since its a claim directly from the sale contract, some users can opt to exercise their option and others can choose not to.


For clarity, lets say you stake 10,000 LAUNCH to cover a $1,000 contribution. If you decide to contribute $1,200 but don’t stake the additional 2,000 LAUNCH for full coverage, post-TGE, you have two options within 72 hours:

  1. Claim $1200 worth of tokens or
  2. Refund your $1,000 investment and claim $200 worth of tokens

If you do not exercise the refund option within the stipulated time, you’re entitled to claim the full $1,200 in tokens afterward.

Looking Ahead

This insurance option isn’t just a new feature; it’s a bold declaration of our unwavering commitment to creating a secure and fair crypto ecosystem. It represents a significant milestone in our mission to ensure that SuperLauncher is not merely a platform for transactions, but a thriving community where trust is not just expected, but assured.

We call upon every member of our community to leverage this innovation, which promises not just to safeguard, but to potentially amplify the value of your contributions. As we gear up to introduce this feature in our next sale, remember that this is just the beginning. We’re on the brink of unveiling a suite of enhancements that further strengthen user protection, introduce a loyalty program, update our allocation model, and launch a transformed web app.

Keep a close watch on our social channels — the future at SuperLauncher is bright, and we are thrilled to have you with us on this journey. Together, we’re not just building a platform; we’re cultivating a legacy of trust and empowerment.”

Yours Truly,
Your Birdies

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SuperLauncher is an investment DAO that facilitates mass participation in early stage (Token Sales) & listed (OTC) ventures. We power flexible and decentralized management of capital across >20 EVMs. Headquartered on zkSync Era.

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SuperLauncher DAO

Investment DAO facilitating mass participation in early-stage & listed ventures; decentralized capital management across 20+ EVMs. Headquartered on zkSync Era.