SuperLauncher Exclusive: CitizenFinance IDO (22 May, 2PM UTC)

SuperLauncher is delighted to announce that we have secured an exclusive IDO for Citizen Finance on 22 May 2pm UTC! Citizen Finance is a multi-chain ecosystem powering the next generation NFT-based utilities in gaming, art and decentralized finance. Citizen Finance’s applications include a Staking and Lending Protocol (Santa Fe), an NFT Marketplace (CiFi Powa) and an Augmented Reality Mobile App (Powa X).

Date/Time: 22 May 2021, 14:00 UTC

Total Token Supply: 500,000

Tokens Offered: 100,000

Raise Amount: 900 BNB

IDO Price: 1BNB ≈ 111.111 CIFI

Ticker: $CIFI

Date/Time: Immediately after IDO

Listing Price: 1BNB ≈ 92.593 CIFI

Initial Market Cap: 1188 BNB

Locked Liquidity: 450 BNB

Liquidity Lock Duration: 6 months

Total Supply: 500,000 Tokens

Pre-Sale: 20% (100% unlock on listing)

Liquidity: 8.33% (Locked for 6 months on PCS)

Team: 10% (10% unlock on listing, 12 month lock, 5% per month thereafter)

Bounty: 1% (100% unlock on listing)

Mining: 60.67% (10% unlock on month 1, rest remain unminted, decided by governance vote)

Strategic Whitelist (10k LAUNCH):

Armada Whitelist (6k LAUNCH):

Rocket Whitelist (100 LAUNCH):

Why You Should Participate in Citizen Finance IDO

SuperLauncher continues to offer investors unparalleled security when it comes to token sales. The minting of CIFI tokens will be put under 3/4 multi-sig, where SuperLauncher holds 2 keys, and Citizen Finance holds 2 keys. Citizen Finance will lock 50% of the funds it raises as liquidity on PCS, and will list with a market cap of 1188BNB. Citizen Finance will release its NFT Marketplace on 1st June 2021 with support for timed auction, multiple currencies, instant buy and cashback. NFT Staking (Bhatukhan pool) will begin on 5th June.

NFT Airdrop

CitizenFinance has graciously offered to reward the Top 500 $LAUNCH holders at the time of the IDO (22 May 2021, 13:59h UTC) with NFTs from their collection. One can use the NFTs for playing games, staking, as collateral and for trading across Citizen Finance’s applications. The airdrops would be randomised and would take place on 28 May 2021.

About Citizen Finance

Citizen Finance aims to accelerate mainstream adoption of NFTs in multiple verticals by introducing simple yet comprehensive tools to propel mass adoption. Leading this initiative is their flagship offering, Meta City.

META CITY by Citizen Finance is a First-person shooter (FPS) game that merges the gaming world with the blockchain world. Citizen Finance utilizes NFTs as in-game assets which introduces true ownership by the players, allowing for legal exchange of assets. Players can stake, transact, gift or use their in-game assets as collateral — even outside of the gaming environment. They can even be inherited if you wish so! Meta City will offer both a single-player story driven campaign as well as different Multiplayer modes. It will be available on both desktops and mobiles.

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Citizen Finance Applications

CIFI is the native token of Citizen Finance platform, and is minted by staking NFTs and through liquidity mining.

Citizen Finance adopts a deduction mechanism whenever a player/farmer initiates an harvest. 5% of rewards is deducted and sent to the Treasury while the player/farmer receives 95%.

Use cases:

  • Payment method for in-game currency
  • Stake CIFI to earn liquidity rewards
  • Fees on CifiPowa
  • Auctioning of NFTs
  • Publisher’s payment for in-game ads
  • Governance

Santa Fe is a staking and lending protocol powered by Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with low gas fees and fast transactions. This is the backbone through which players can utilize their NFTs for staking, lending or borrowing.

CifiPowa is a decentralized application which enables artists to mint their own NFT creations as well serving as a private collection for them. CifiPowa will also feature a marketplace for trading minted assets. Think Christie’s meets Github repo as the modern day digital canvas.

Powa X is an Augmented Reality (AR) mobile app that enables artists to bring their artwork to life in the world around us! Artists now have the toolset to build AR NFTs with varying levels of immersion from entire soundscapes to otherworldly vistas.

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