SuperLauncher Hosts 1st IDO on Launchpad 2.0 — Vault Hill(14 JAN, 2PM UTC)

Hey Birdies, SuperLauncher is thrilled to announce that we will be hosting our 1st sale on the much awaited Launchpad 2.0, Vault Hill IDO on 14th Jan 2022, 2PM UTC! Vault Hill will be raising $500,000 on SuperLauncher, as part of a multi-pad raise before listing on Polygon later this month.

FINALLY GUARANTEED ALLOCATIONS FOR THE BIRDIES. We truly appreciate the patience from each and everyone of you 🙂

Important Instructions:

  1. You will purchase with BUSD on BSC
  2. Your Polygon Address is the SAME as your BSC Address. No input required
  3. You are given the option to input a different Polygon address if you desire
  4. Make sure your Polygon Address is NOT an exchange address.
  5. You will be notified to claim your certificate once it is ready. Certificates will be tradable on our Polygon OTC Marketplace.

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Why Should You Invest in Vault Hill?

Knock that question right out of your head. Metaverses are shaping up to be the dominant theme in the blockchain space. What sets Vault Hill apart from the rest of the pack is their vision of what a metaverse should be. That matters. ALOT.

They are the first blockchain-based human-centric metaverse designed to enhance the human experience through augmented reality (AR) and extended reality (XR). Vault Hill consists of the Vault Hill City (VHC) which is the metaverse, the ecosystem, and the NFT marketplace which will be fully decentralised.

Their mission is to revolutionize extended reality (XR) experience by creating a constructive metaverse that focuses on the basic human instincts which allow users, content creators and developers to explore their unrestricted creative freedom whilst monetizing their creation in a secure ecosystem.

Most metaverses are game-centric, understandably so as generally most adopt the trending theme of the season. We knew we had a gem on our hands when we looked at what Vault Hill was offering and saw that they were on a ground-breaking path to achieve what arguably is the future of crypto, a true metaverse that all of us can relate to. Breaking away from the “gaming metaverse” mold, Vault Hill, being the first ever human-centric metaverse, combines all aspects of your reality, and it is also the first virtual world with urban planning and development benefits to ensure users build on their Virtual Land (VLAND) respectfully.

Furthermore, the team inspires great confidence in us. Talented and diverse individuals spread across the world, they call themselves “The Servant Leaders at Vault Hill”. With one line, they have expressed their goal of serving the Vault Hill Citizens. That is true leadership because the greatest leaders are after all the ones who understand that to lead is to serve. Need further validation of their commitment? Their 1 year lock of team and advisor tokens and well thought out investor vesting periods shows us their far-sightedness and commitment to what they believe in.

As always, we only bring projects that we ourselves would invest in. Vault Hill is no exception. Our wings are trembling with excitement at the thought of swooping in early into to a “game”-changing metaverse.

Sale Details (Launchpad 2.0)

🏨 Vault Hill IDO (Ticker: VHC)
⏱ Date/Time: 14th Jan 2022, 2 PM UTC
🧨 HardCap: $500,000 BUSD

📸 Snapshot: 12 JAN, 2:00PM UTC
💰 Subscription Round: 14 JAN, 2:00PM UTC — 15 JAN, 10:00 AM UTC
*Subscription Round is for svLAUNCH stakers between the range of 40 to 10,000 svLAUNCH to participate in guaranteed/lottery/over-subscription
💰Public Round (FCFS): 15th JAN, 12:00PM UTC — 2:00PM UTC
*Public Round is open to everyone with or without svLAUNCH. This round will only open up if the Subscription Round is not filled 100%

🌱 IDO Price: $0.05
🔅 Lower Limit = 40 svLAUNCH
〽️ Upper Limit = 10,000 svLAUNCH
🎲 Lottery = $50
🥚 Oversubscribe = $150
⏩ FCFS = Min $25 / Max $50

1) The minimum any investor will get in allocation for the IDO is $50.

2) Those who do not get into GUARANTEED will get a LOTTERY chance for $50.

3) Both GUARANTEED and LOTTERY participants can burn EGGs to get more allocations.

4) Any left over after GUARANTEED and LOTTERY will go to FCFS which has a minimum allocation of $25 up to a maximum allocation of $50

Guaranteed Allocation Estimates

Vault Hill IDO — $500K Raise

10k svLAUNCH required for $1400 allocation

350 svLAUNCH required for $50 allocation

Note: The minimum svLAUNCH required for Guaranteed Allocations may be higher or lower. This is just a guide for the Vault Hill IDO based on current staking numbers

Disclaimer: These numbers will vary based on number of stakers

🏅 Funding: BUSD
🟦 Sales Format: Launchpad 2.0

🚨Vesting Period: 15% TGE, 10% Monthly (2nd to 9th Month), 5% (10th Month)
🗓 TGE Date: ESTIMATED 26th Jan 2022
Listing Venue: Multiple Exchanges (TBA)

🥧 Total Supply: 340,000,000 VHC
💷TGE Price: $0.05
🎩 TGE Market Cap: ~$774,000

Geo Restrictions: United States of America, Algeria, Bolivia, China, Colombia, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Nepal, North Macedonia, Russia, Turkey, Vietnam

What is Vault Hill?

An extended reality Blockchain-based metaverse, designed to make you feel more human. Vault Hill aims to create a metaverse called Vault Hill City (VHC) — a collection of virtual shared space including the sum of all virtual worlds and the Internet. In VHC, users can interact with computer-generated imagery (CGI) and other users.

They believe eXtended reality (XR), a mix of virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality is at the forefront of enhancing human experiences whilst leveraging the power of blockchain, artificial intelligence and cloud computing technologies. This supports the innovation of Web 3.0. VHC proposes to build the first extended reality metaverse focusing on themes of the basic human instincts, such as curiosity, vision, community, idealism, vitality, romance, and imagination.

In building this, they are starting with the infrastructure of the metaverse, which is virtual real estate and a product — Virtual land ($VLAND), a nonfungible token (NFT). The virtual real estate will be designed using urban planning to give developers and users a sustainable and dynamic experience.

Business Model

Vault Hill has a unique business model tailored to business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C), offering a dynamic yet simplified user experience to access the metaverse and generate income. Vault Hill City aims to generate revenue by the following:

VHC Token Overview

The VHC platform focuses on the rapidly growing metaverse to offer users a way to purchase, rent, upgrade and resell virtual property with options for minting NFTs and creator royalties. The $VHC token is a payment settlement & governance token for the Vault Hill City platform. The token facilitates additional functions as both an incentive for good actors (via its rewards distributions) and a payment option, offering additional discounts to its users. The below are the functions of the token:

  • Purchase of goods and services on the platform (at a discount)
  • Rewards distribution for Liquidity providers, Governance participants, Platform participants
  • Governance

Token Allocation

Project Roadmap

Team & Advisors

About Vault Hill

Vault Hill consists of an ecosystem comprising of the Vault Hill City (VHC) which is the metaverse, the NFT marketplace which will be fully decentralised, avatars with wearables and XR consulting. Our mission is to revolutionise extended reality (XR) experience by creating a constructive metaverse that focuses on the basic human instincts which allow users, content creators and developers to explore their unrestricted creative freedom whilst monetising their creation in a secure ecosystem.

Website | Deck | Whitepaper | Telegram | Twitter| Youtube | Instagram | Blog |Linkedin | Discord

About SuperLauncher

SuperLauncher is an investment DAO that funds and collaborates with projects that are shaping the future of the blockchain. We facilitate mass participation in Seed/Private/IDO rounds through our smart contract architecture and offer a feature-rich platform that powers flexible and decentralized management of capital.





Investment DAO that funds and collaborates with projects that are shaping the future of the blockchain.

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SuperLauncher DAO

Investment DAO that funds and collaborates with projects that are shaping the future of the blockchain.

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