SuperLauncher OTC Marketplace — Major Upgrade

  • Unit Price in USD (Compare prices across different listing prices)
  • Release (Check if the certificate you are buying has unclaimed tokens)
  • Vesting Schedule (Vesting charts, tables, and exact token unlock dates)
  • Sort by Unit Price (To find the lowest priced certificate per unit)
  • Sort by Price Range (To find the lowest quantum certificate)
  • Sort by Category (Gaming, Metaverse, NFT)
  • Sort by Sale Type (Seed, Private, IDO, NFTO)
  • Sort by Project ( Banger Games, VaultHill, Metabase, Bithotel)
  • Sort by Blockchain (BSC, Polygon)
Screengrab of OTC Marketplace
  • Sellers: List your Certificates in WETH, USDT, USDC or DAI. 0% Fees.
  • Buyers: Select the Certificate you wish to purchase. 2% Fee applies.
  • The split feature allow you to fractionalise your NFTs, which you can then sell or transfer. The combine feature allows your to merge smaller certificates into larger ones.
  • Traders can use Discord to interact and discuss pricing.
  • Holding on to a Certificate is akin to holding on to a SAFT, just much more efficient, liquid, and digital ;)
  • Participants in Seed/Private Round will get a ‘Certificate’, which serves as an entitlement for future token claims.
  • These Certificates can be traded securely on the OTC marketplace, before or after the token lists.
  • This gives early project backers the liquidity that they may require from time to time and creates a secondary market for new investors who might be keen to purchase a seed/private round allocation after it has concluded.
  • The DAO can also acquire prized NFT assets such as a Cryptopunk or CyberKong collectively, fractionalise its ownership and trade it freely.

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