SuperLauncher reveals SuperSwap — Commits 100% of revenue to DAO

SuperLauncher is thrilled to announce the release of SuperSwap, a distinct and consistent revenue stream for the SuperLauncher DAO, with 100% of the fees generated flowing through as dividends.

The vision is that the SuperLauncher DAO is decentralised, and runs multiple business units, and all revenues flow through as dividends to the DAO, creating a self-sustaining ecosystem which has vested interests in the success of its business lines. The DAO is able to take part in various, pre-defined roles in its businesses, through an automated and decentralised workflow. The current focus is on business units that have the highest dividend payout with the lowest resource ratio.

At the core, SuperSwap is a DEX Aggregation Engine, which helps users split their trades across more than 30 liquidity pools on BSC, including PancakeSwap, ApeSwap, and Wault Finance. Additionally, SuperSwap facilitates liquidity addition and removal from PancakeSwap.

Using SuperSwap, users can swap between portfolio projects effortlessly, cost-free, and receive the best order fills, all from a single location within the SuperLauncher ecosystem. For swapping between non-portfolio projects a fee of 0.1% applies.

Fee Breakdown

  • 0 % if swapped between portfolio tokens (eg. CIFI-BYG)
  • 0.1% for everything else
  • 100% of Revenues are dropped to DAO

Why did we build SuperSwap?

With both Launchpad and SuperFarms as cornerstones of the ecosystem, our users have been looking to participate by adding liquidity or swapping into portfolio/major tokens. Currently, they have had to frequent multiple external DEXs to accomplish this. To evolve into a more comprehensive offering as well as to unify the end-user experience, it made perfect sense to build out this service adjacent to our existing business units.

Why should you use, and promote SuperSwap?

When birdies of the DAO utilise SuperSwap and promote it to other birdies, we are essentially driving revenue to our very own business unit, which we receive dividends for. The product makes life for the user easier, and the usage builds continuous revenue for the DAO. In the long run, as adoption picks up and more revenues flow in from new business units, staking becomes more and more attractive due to the consistent dividends.

The end result is a continuous incentive loop that encourages the DAO to utilise and promote its various business units in return for dividends, which in turn has a profound impact on staking numbers, and ultimately, the growth of $LAUNCH.

P.S. Look out for multiple new revenue streams that will be added to the DAO going forward. More Revenue = More Dividends.

Yours Truly, Your Birdies

About SuperLauncher

SuperLauncher is a cross-chain launchpad that gives investors access to quality projects in a safe, trusted, and decentralized manner and empowers projects to raise capital with best-in-class features. SuperLauncher helps projects conduct token sales, automated listings, liquidity locks, and hosts farms on Binance Smart Chain.

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