SuperLauncher Unveils 50,000 in $LAUNCH Incentives For Stakers!

Dear Birdies!

SuperLauncher is very excited to announce the roll-out of 50,000 in $LAUNCH incentives to reward Stakers in the governance pool! This is part of our community incentives program and will be paid out over 4 weeks.

The staking rewards are designed to incentivize more birdies to stake and participate in the upcoming IDOs and play a crucial role in our Community Listing Module, which will involve voting rights (released anytime now!)

These rewards fetch more than $20,000 at current market prices.

$LAUNCH Token Contract: 0xb5389a679151c4b8621b1098c6e0961a3cfee8d4

Details of The Incentive Programme

  1. To qualify, you must be staking $LAUNCH in the governance pool at the time of the snapshot.

Staking Link:

2. 50,000 $LAUNCH will be given out over 4 weeks to $LAUNCH Stakers. Every week, 12,500 LAUNCH will be distributed.

1st Snapshot: 3rd July, 2pm UTC

2nd Snapshot: 10th July, 2pm UTC

3rd Snapshot: 17th July, 2pm UTC

4th Snapshot: 24th July 2pm UTC

3. The distribution will be proportionate to the amount of $LAUNCH you are staking.

Your Distribution -> Number of Staked $LAUNCH/Total $LAUNCH Staked

As we fly forward in our quest to be the top birds, SuperLauncher will continue to incentivize governance stakers, who are the core contributors to our Aviary. Spread this message to the flock, and enjoy the rewards :)

Yours Truly, Your Birdies

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