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4 min readAug 18, 2022

Hi Birdies,

With our latest content releases, newcomers and even some of you might have seen the words LAUNCH and EGG being repeated and wonder what exactly these tokens do. We are an investment DAO with a launchpad module so the token utility started off by enabling that.


In our first version, we started with one token, LAUNCH. Things were simple and had clearly defined brackets. Buy X amount of LAUNCH for A,B or C Tier, Stake LAUNCH, gain access to sales. Then we wanted to introduce a new token into the ecosystem with a view that it would be a staking reward with added utilities to complement LAUNCH so we introduced EGG as a staking reward, to allow stakers to have double the rewards by earning a new token and having access to sales.


The process of executing in a real economic environment enabled us to learn and we came to realize that changes had to be made so we started working on and rolling out our second version features. This included formalizing the DAO setup and introducing an upgraded launchpad module. LAUNCH stakers were then able to apply for DAO roles and actively engage in the protocol. LAUNCH stakers were also able to burn some of their EGG staking rewards in sales to gain additional allocation above their guaranteed amount. We also introduced select NFT sales where EGG was burned in exchange for receiving these NFTs.


Once again, the market threw up more lessons for us as we realized it was time, yet again, to adapt and evolve. In a bullish market, shortcomings are often overlooked because there is an overwhelming feeling of euphoria that supersedes everything else. Something which works in a bullish market, more often than not, struggles to fit in a market where sentiments have flipped. So we used this time to innovate. When we evolve as a protocol, so must the underlying which are our tokens LAUNCH & EGG.


  1. With the introduction of the latest iteration of our launchpad module, LAUNCH will still be the ticket to guaranteed allocations. This time, additional allocations will be given solely based on staked LAUNCH (svLAUNCH).
  2. svLAUNCH will continue to earn EGGs which will have added utilities which we will cover below.
  3. svLAUNCH will be used in one part of governance where stakers will be able to vote on new project launches.
  4. svLAUNCH continues to be a requirement for the application of DAO roles. Minimum 10k svLAUNCH is required to be eligible for applying to be a blockchain leader.


  1. With our move to deploy natively on multiple EVM chains, there needed to be an easier way for LAUNCH stakers to participate instead of having to go through a fair bit of inconvenience by unstaking, bridging etc. So we decided to introduce a registration system on BNBChain where LAUNCH stakers who are keen on participating in launches on other chains, register their interest with a nominal amount of EGG.
  2. With the introduction of our new EGG pools, users can lock EGGs for a specified period to gain rewards from projects risk-free.
  3. EGGs will continue to be used to buy into selected NFT sales.


  1. For the first time, we will have a combined use for both these tokens. By burning a specified amount of LAUNCH and EGG tokens, LAUNCH stakers will obtain Gov Power which will allow the user to gain a share of revenue from each sale and participate in governing a number of critical protocol parameters.
  2. Instead of burning LAUNCH and EGG, LAUNCH stakers can also obtain Gov Power by handing over LAUNCH/EGG LP tokens to the Treasury.

With the introduction of more utilities and new features, we are eagerly waiting to see V3 play out. Of course, this time with governance, we all have a role to play in ensuring the best for the community, old birds and new.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us via Telegram. As always, keep your eyes peeled for our next update.

Yours Truly,
Your Birdies

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