Wizardia Certificates Are Live on BNB Chain.

  • Trezor users must upgrade your firmware to the latest version before attempting to claim.

Rationale for BNB Chain issuance

**Important Instructions**

  • (a) Claim your $WZRD Tokens as per the vesting schedule under ‘Portfolio
  • (b) Trade the Certificates securely in the OTC Marketplace, before or after Wizardia lists. Once you sell your Certificate, you are no longer entitled to future token proceeds.
  • (c) Split, combine and transfer your Certificates under Portfolio.
  • (a) Gateio — Trading Begins (12:00h UTC, 24th March)
  • (b) PancakeSwap — Trading Begins (12:15 UTC, 24th March)
  • (c ) Token Release to Investors (13:00 UTC, 24th March)

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