Wizardia Private Round on SuperLauncher! (8 Feb, 2PM UTC)

  1. Prepare a Solana Address BEFORE the sale. We recommend https://phantom.app/ or https://www.sollet.io/
  2. You will purchase with BUSD on BSC.
  3. You will have time up to 24hrs after the sale to submit your Solana Address.
  4. You must input your Solana Address to Qualify for the sale

What is Wizardia?

Why Should You Invest in Wizardia?

  • Daily GameFi transaction volume has increased from about half a million dollars in April 2021, to about 544 million US dollars in October 2021.
  • November 2021 trading volumes of gaming NFT exceeded US$1 billion, doubling its growth rates in a month.
  • Total GameFi investment in 2020 was US$72 million dollars, and is expected to grow to US$800 billion in two years.

Gameplay Features

  • Multiplayer Turn-based PvE combat
  • Crafting with creative discovery mechanics
  • World exploration and Base-building strategy meta
  • MMR-based PvP matchmaking
  • Renting of NFTs for guild programs
  • Breeding (Wizard Legacy) of Wizard NFTs

Wizardia Token ($WZRD) Overview

  • Transaction fees
  • Breeding
  • Protospell discovery
  • Participating in tournaments
  • Buying land and building/upgrading constructions

Token Release Schedule

Project Roadmap

Key Members & Team

Investors & Partners

About Wizardia

About SuperLauncher



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