YAY Games AMA Recap (01 Sep 2021)

Hello Birdies! Welcome to our 4th Edition of the ‘No Fuss AMA’, where the birds leave all the hype aside and focus on fun, casual banter, and real exchanges with upcoming projects.

Calnix — SuperLauncher: Today we are hosting YAY Games, one of the gaming outfits that’s been a trailblazer. We are honoured to be hosting the final leg of YAY Game’s funding rounds on SuperLauncher. Grab your bird seeds, and put your wings together to welcome Nick Epifanov — CEO of YAY Games.

Here’s the format for the AMA:

1. General Round: 5 questions
2. Bold Point: 5 questions
3. Community Contribution: 3 questions

AMA Round 1 (General Round- With @Pinky_SuperLauncher)

Pinky — SuperLauncher: Hey Nick, Great to have you here in the Aviary. :)

Nick — YAY Games: It’s pleasure to me, Pinky, to be here

Pinky — SuperLauncher: Very excited to get this started. Please give us an introduction about yourself and what you were doing prior to Yay Games.

Nick — YAY Games: I became a part of gamedev since working for Nvidia since 2005, around sixteen years ago. At that time, I was developing SLI profiles for the driver of video cards for games that weren’t yet released.

After Nvidia I started IT management and consulting, working there for 6 years in the telecommunication industry and state companies.

In 2014 I co-founded a company Creagames which currently is in the Top 3 Publishing Companies in Russia and CIS.

Since 2018, I have been actively looking for promising crypto projects and investing in them in the early stages. At the same time, I studied for EMBA at HULT London Business School.

Pinky — SuperLauncher: That’s really cool Nick, to have experience building up a game publishing company and pushing it to such heights. We’ll go into this a little later. But as we know, you joined YAY Games slightly later in its journey. What convinced you to join Yay Games as CEO?

Nick — YAY Games: I have been interested in crypto for a long time and have been integrating DeFi projects into my portfolio for years. As soon as I familiarized myself with YAY, I was able to see that it has immense potential. When I met the founders of YAY Games, I immediately realized that this was the ideal place for me. I’d say it’s a perfect match and opportunity to utilize my gamedev and crypto expertise.

Pinky — SuperLauncher: It’s not often that one can find ‘home’ so easily, especially in the entrepreneurial journey. Glad you found it with the YAY Team and decided to make a difference to the crypto community.

It’ll be interesting to know what would be the distinct value proposition that Yay Games brings to the blockchain community?

Nick — YAY Games: Well, for decentralized games players it is safety, and the unscrupulousness, and fairness of the GameFi system we’re working on — are at the core of our priorities. Decentralized gaming creates an economy that can transcend common game mechanics, which allows us to implement the full-fledged DeFi.

Also side-chain technology we’re also working on as a part of Bold Point functionality provides an ability to traditional players (normies) start playing without advanced knowledge of the crypto industry, allowing gamers to build up their knowledge at their own rhythm. It also makes possible to earn income without an initial investment or without increasing the cost of in-game assets. People don’t even have to create the wallet to start learning GameFi principles.

That’s our commitment to blockchain community — we lower adoption barriers.

Pinky — SuperLauncher: So not only are you focussing on blockchain gamers, but also looking to bring traditional gamers to the blockchain

Nick — YAY Games: That’s correct

Pinky — SuperLauncher: We’re noticing a sudden peak of interest from games developers, game studios and even game publishers who are embracing the blockchain rush, and expect to see alot more of this. How do you think the competitive landscape will change in the next few months?
How will YAY Games stay at the forefront?

Nick — YAY Games: I think small gamedev teams will come to this niche with their decentralized casual games with game mining and play to earn features included to their products. Then mid-budget games developers, then large developers and publishers will try to have it’s place in decentralized environment.

From my opinion good timing and strong team expertise we allow us to keep leading position in a future. Also our advantages are in a really good understanding of how exactly game publishing business model works and Bold Point game which is already in development for 7 months.

Pinky — SuperLauncher: Absolutely, thanks for the insight! That’s exactly what we are seeing. In a way, there’s a huge ‘gap’ at the moment, which players are rushing to fill.

Nick — YAY Games: For sure

Pinky — SuperLauncher: Moving on to slightly more relevant questions regarding the IDO on 6th Sep, 2PM UTC. A little bit of information for the birdies to know why they are buying into something special. Why is Yay Games special and why should investors pay attention?

Nick — YAY Games: So, from investor perspective YAY Games Marketplace allows to place any blockchain based game on our platform. This is Publishing business model first available for decentralized game developers. The mobile version of the marketplace for Android devices is also under development.

With each upcoming month, the marketplace audience is aggressively growing, and in Q4 we will switch to publishing mode, in which we will offer our rapidly growing audience games from young and ambitious third-party developing teams. Also, we are ready to help them with gamedev and crypto expertise brought in by CreaGames and Indacoin.

Pinky — SuperLauncher: Awesome, expecting to see a rapid uptick in games from you guys in Q4 2021. Would each of the games have their own tokens? How would you manage the inflation each token causes due to play-to-earn? I’m guessing you have deflationary mechanisms.

Nick — YAY Games: Right, we have such mechanisms. We are finding balance between play-to-earn and pay-2-play mechanics to properly sustain GameFi economy of the marketplace in overall. Good example of play-2-earn mechanic is an achievements system that would be the ground for Loyalty Program which would be ground for Game Mining Rewards based on YAY Airdrops.

There will be different achievement cards in the player profile section, each one with its own name and image, that will reward users with $YAY tokens after the achievements have been completed. A progress bar will show users the different stages of completing an achievement (1 out of 5 steps for example), and users can redeem their rewards once it’s finished. Many achievements can be achieved on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This is basically a play-to-earn mechanic, which YAY network benefits from.

From the other side there would be dozens scenarios how to utilize YAY token in any game presented on the platform so that would increase utilization and buying pressure for the token.

Pinky — SuperLauncher: Got it :) We’ve been looking at a number of interesting gaming economic models, so there’s a lot of innovation that can happen in this area. Could you tell us what users could do with the YAY token once the IDO concludes?

Nick — YAY Games: In short, there would be LP Farming and single asset staking features available in the first few weeks after IDO. Also, the achievement system I mentioned will be up and running in a month from today. Also we will release few casual games right after the listing, so you can use tokens to play them and earn Game Mining Rewards.

Pinky — SuperLauncher: 👀 few casual games after listing :D

Nick — YAY Games: yep :) We have many things prepared for after-the-listing time period

Pinky — SuperLauncher: Our birdies should take the hint. :) Each time we tell them to HODL. We say it again. Birdies, if you can HODL, HODL! Quality always prevails in the long run

Nick — YAY Games: You’re right, birdie ;)

Pinky — SuperLauncher: Thanks so much for those insights Nick. That brings us to the end of the general AMA round. Next we’ll have Calnix, our in-house gamer birdie who’ll ask some questions pertaining to Bold Point. @calnix_superlauncher over to you.

— — End of General AMA Round — -

AMA Round 2 (Bold Point AMA Round- With @Calnix_SuperLauncher)

Calnix — SuperLauncher: Thank you @pinky_superlauncher. So Nick, let’s delve into Bold Point for a spell. The looks like to be an (MMO)RPG, is that correct? Also, could you shed some light on the 3 game modes available to players?

Nick — YAY Games: Actually Bold Point is an NFT-based role-playing card game that offers a fun and competitive experience. The game is designed to build your character and level it up through battle, either against other players (PvP) or against the computer AI (PvE). It is also possible to wage bets when playing against other players (Gold PvP) and earn even more rewards for each win.

Calnix — SuperLauncher: Interesting, so somewhat similar to Hearthstone, then?

Nick — YAY Games: In overall yes, but in a different way. I can’t tell you more details right now, cause it’s not so easy to find the game with exact same gameplay actually. We’re trying to combine genres in a good way.

Calnix — SuperLauncher: Great, looking forward to seeing a sneak preview!

Nick — YAY Games: I think we will be able to show actual gameplay preview closer to mid October

Calnix — SuperLauncher: Awesome. You mentioned earlier that there would be PvP combat. Could you go into some detail how this is intersped with the NFT aspect? For example, if you kill a player can you loot his items, and therefore his NFTs?

Nick — YAY Games: So, both characters and loot represent unique tokens that can be bought, sold, traded in the NFT marketplace, or be equipped to strengthen in-game features further. In a very special arena we plan to add to the game — yes there is a chance to loot your opponent’s item. There will be two types of NFT. For example, every character and unique item sets represents a unique BEP-721 token, other items represents BEP-1155 token.

Calnix — SuperLauncher: I must say, I am very keen to see how this dimension of the game is rolled out and balanced :)

Nick — YAY Games: Just had meeting with devs team today with exact this topic :)

Calnix — SuperLauncher: Tricky business, I imagine. Now, let us put aside the blockchain/crypto dimensions for a moment. Could you talk about how Bold Point looks to stand apart within its genre?

Nick — YAY Games: We have already leaked some screenshots, from my perspective that would be a really complex game with lots of play-2-earn and pay-2-convenience mechanics. The PVP system is quite unique, I don’t want to reveal mechanics right now, but once you’ll see the preview, you’ll notice that probably you haven’t seen such a mix of genres before

Calnix — SuperLauncher: Fair enough. Looks like the birdies will simply have to wait to see more of Bold Point. I’m sure many a feather are eager :)

Pinky — SuperLauncher: Thanks Nick, for telling us more about Bold Point. We are very excited to experience the game for ourselves. As the final round, we’ll move on to questions that we received from the community. @Calnix_superlauncher back to you :)

Calnix — SuperLauncher: Sure, looking forward to them :)

— — End of Bold Point AMA Round — -

AMA Round 3(Community Question Round- With @Calnix_SuperLauncher)

Calnix — SuperLauncher: What is the larger vision of Yay Games? How would you make comparison with Steam?

Nick — YAY Games: In YAY Games roadmap you can find the Publishing section related to Q4 2021 and, although, I’m already working on turning the marketplace into a full-fledged publishing company for the development of innovative decentralized gaming.

So, already for mid-term goal we plan to focus our main business strategy on decentralized games publishing — to become the first and leading publishing company within the GameFi niche. From this perspective it can be compared to Steam for decentralized games, you’re right.

Calnix — SuperLauncher: Thanks for sharing that bit of insight. An inquisitive community bird asked about the possibility of a Yay Games hardware console. Any thoughts on that matter?

Nick — YAY Games: We don’t have it in our roadmap right now, but we will launch mobile version for Marketplace and Bold Point game in 2022.

Calnix — SuperLauncher: Mark the date, birdies! Next question: How many YAY tokens will it cost to start playing?

Nick — YAY Games: It highly depend on the game, and on exact mechanic inside complex games like BP. I will announce the details for the first casual games closer to its releases. But Iwant to assure you there would be extremely low onboarding barrier

Calnix — SuperLauncher: Thank you for answering the community questions, Nick. Our birdies appreciate your insights.

Pinky — SuperLauncher: With that, we come to the end of our 4th Edition of the No Fuss AMA with YAY Games. Thank you Nick, for being with here us! It’s been an exciting session here at the aviary :)

Nick — YAY Games: Thank you Calnix! Thank you birdies, it was great hanging with you here today :)

Pinky — SuperLauncher: Thank you birdies for submitting all the questions beforehand. There were lots of brilliant questions, so if yours was not picked for this AMA, then fly on over to the YAY Games telegram group and ask away. Don’t miss the YAY Games IDO on 6 Sep, 2PM UTC. See you there!

Website: yay.games
Telegram: https://t.me/yay_games
Twitter: https://twitter.com/yayprotocol

**[End of AMA]**

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