ZONE IDO on SuperLauncher! (15 JAN, 2PM UTC)

  1. Prepare an Algorand Address BEFORE the IDO
    - For those who use mobile wallets, we recommend that you use the official Algorand mobile wallet:
    - For those who wish to use browser-based wallets, we recommend this:
  2. You will purchase with BUSD on BSC
  3. You will have time up to 24hrs after the IDO to submit your Algorand Address
  4. Make sure your Algorand Address is NOT an exchange address.
  5. ZONE will distribute the tokens to your Algorand Address upon TGE and according to the vesting schedule.

Sale Details (Launchpad 2.0)

What is ZONE?

Zone Play

  1. Zone Play can bring gamification to all online games with open APIs directly. Millions of possible game integrations.
  2. Zone Play is non-custodial in nature. Users are always in control of their funds.
  3. Zone Play’s cross-chain architecture facilitates interoperability with popular blockchains.
  4. Simple crypto wallet management through email, social login, and SMS.
  5. Zone’s cross-chain bridge can be used to move funds between completely independent blockchains.

Zobo Bot

Zone NFTs

Zone Token Overview

  • Pay any fees on the platform
  • Wager on gaming challenges
  • Stake to earn ZONE plus other tokens
  • Unlock Fantasy Leagues
  • Trade NFTs and other assets
  • Buy loot boxes
  • Vote on governance proposals


Project Roadmap


Investors & Partners

About ZONE

About SuperLauncher



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